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10 hours ago, JustSumGai said:

prefer down, Thai style (that's what I have thought as well, years of tucking under)...makes it easy to get down yer throat while kneeling in front of em :) 

Yeah, but I would think that most Thai lb's dont have long enough cocks to make that effect work!.

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3 hours ago, bumblebee said:

It’s still there chaps and they await your return someday;)


Nah, nothing there that makes me want to return!!!!.

Imagine being in the room with all those?.

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4 hours ago, bumblebee said:

My local Tesco was never like this alas. 


That is weird!.

Did she not look up and see the CCTV camera?.

Also could have saved us some pain by wearing the shirt the whole time!.

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