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You Need To Build A Network !!!

As i said in my TR intro , this one is dedicated to all the BM that want to tray something else then Thailand when it come to visit Ladyboys or GG`s

I also see that a lot of BM compare the Phillippino ladyboy`s with the one of Thailand , and some BM also make the mistake to compare the two country`s with each other.....

The Phillippines is a whole new ball game and it all play out online , the two best website for you to get in contact with Phillipines Ladyboy is the ladyboykissess webside or DIA website



As soon as you have contact a ladyboy on one of these webside , my advice to you is go online and do some webcam chatting for you to see for real if she is also the same person corresponding with the online profile , and you can see her also with out makeup , which make a big difference.

Once you have made contact with the girls and all is cool then you can make plans to go to meet here and see the place.

My advice to you all is , dont go to the Phillipines with out having done your home work back at home first....

If you need to be in town for business or any other way , dont waste your time and go search for no ladyboy no where , just stay in Manila there you will find them more easy at the usual contact points that i will give more details in my other Threads

How To Run Your Network !!!

I read here online also that a lot of BM having probleems with Facebook , i have 5 Facebook in my network and all is working fine !!!

Once you have chatt with the girl and you like her , ask her for her facebook ID and add her in to your friends list...

I alway`s also look in to her friends list to see if there is any cuttie in there and i will add here also for later contacts...

Now make your game plan and decide which part of the phillippines you will like to have contacts , The Big City`s or The Provance

Beside having girls on you list to meet when you are there you can also ask the girls to fix or look up thing on the spot that you will be needing

Make Up Your Mind Before Going To Meet Any Of The Girls !!!

Beside making a game plan you also need to know what you will like to get out of your vacation and also where does these girls stands.....

1- Are you a player and just want to butterfly around.

2- Or you are in search of a Ladyboy Girlfriend

If you are a player , MAKE SURE YOU STAY A PLAYER , and tell the girl upfront what you are...

Dont give the girl a impreshion that you like her and you want to be on your vacation with her , while you are fucking around with other ladyboy`s

Because you and the ladyboy your fooling around with will get your ass kicked bigtime....

If you are insearch of a ladyboy girlfriend and you are not sure that she is the one , then you have to play it alway`s safe....

When you meet if you dont like her or dont want to be with her for what ever reason , dont tell her that...

Just make your pass and when the time come just leave , dont tell here nothing just dont contact her anymore when you reach back home....

Phillippino Ladyboy`s can become uncontain when rejected and some of them can get in to some wild spinoffs when they see there dream go down the drain.

She will Treat You And Fuck With You As If You Are Her Boyfriend....

This is what i like the most abouth a Phillippines Ladyboy or GG`s , hooker or not when the time come to get down and fuck , she will make love to you as if you are her boyfriend and as if her life depends on it , with full force.....

These girls are also fucking jalouse and there is alway`s a fierce competion among the girls who is the best in everything , to get a higher rank

That is way she will not tolorate you fooling around with no other ladyboy....

Also dont make the mistake to correct or shout at her or make any insults infront of her familie or friends , she will realy get fucking pissoff at you....

They Like To Take Control....

The girls like to take control and be in charge , dont be a pussy and let here know upfront that you are the men and she is the girl !!

You are going to call the shots and she has to obey you !!!

Also keep in mind that it`s not because she speak understandable english does this means that she will alway`s understand what your saying.

Most of these girls have a very poor educational back ground.....

Be patient , let her explain to you everything she does and why she does it , you also need to tell here upfront everything you are going to do.

Other wise the two of you will be picking on each other and getting in to each other hair for small mistakes that you both are making the whole day

How To Impress The Girls.....

Dress them up , take them to a beautysalon let them get a complet makeover , take them to all the places where the GG`s also go.....

Dress up nice your self when you go out with the girls , they love to see you dressup and have a nice perfume on you

Dont be embarrassed to walk hand in hand with them , hug them and kiss them in public.

That will give you big score points and make her feel proud to be in your company and will also boost her self confidence.

But if you realy want to impress her buy her the latest telephone that are on the market at that moment , they are addicted to there telephone !!!

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Hotel Issue

I have read on many forums different info abouth the hotels in The Fillippines and because of that i went in-depth on this front to see what is all through or not abouth all these info and my find is as follows....

I have visit in my one month stay in The Phillippines a total of 6 different hotels from 3 star to 5 star , 2 Motels and 8 Short Time Rooms and i did not had no probleem at all getting in with my street ladyboy`s and i did not need to pay no Joiner Fee and in some hotel they did not charge me nothing extra when my ladyboy attend the morning brakefast buffet with me....

Beside that , when your booking online you can see also that all the rooms are based on a two person booking after asking around i found out that this is standaard precedure so i personaly dont understand why some of you had any issue concerning this point

I went online to do a fake booking just to show you guy`s what you will see.....

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Crown Regency Hotel - Cebu

Here you have the same story and it does not matter if it`s a 3 star or 5 star hotel , the booking is base on a two person accomodation , so you can alway`s bring a ladyboy with you to the hotel or let one stay at your hotel while your there , no joiner fee is required....


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Heritige Hotel - Manila

Here my company made the booking for me , but even so and here you have a good example when your booking online your self make sure you point out that your staying with a extra person so they will keep this in consideration when you arrive with your fuck bird.

When booking add when they forum ask you for how many adults make sure you make it 2 , look at the following screen shot , when you klick 2 person the price will stay the same , the price will change when you add 3 person in the room




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Hotel Mini Bars

I personaly never use the hotel minibars , i find it to be a total ripoff , the price of the stuff in there is ridiculous high

My advice to you guy`s is just go down the market and buy the stuff that you need for half the price

But sometime the girl do take something out of my minibar then it`s to bad , but in general i have all in place just incase

WiFi And Internet Connection

Alway`s look this info up separately when you booking your hotel , each hotel in The Phillippines have a other Internet rule , dont go by the thought that it will be oke , but make sure that your hotel have it and if it`s free or you have to pay for it....

Some hotel have there business lounge where you can have free excess to there internet and you can use your laptop or at the better hotels you will have internet access in your room for your laptop as the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers

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How Easy Is It To Fuck A Phillippino Hotel Personal , Very Easy......

I normaly dont go on my vacation with the intention to fuck a girl or ladyboy that works in the hotel , but if the occation accure i will never say no....

This occation happend at the Crown Regency Hotel an Towers , There was this beautiful cleaning lady that clean on my floor and i saw her already the first day when i reach downstairs at the lobby....

The next day she was bussy cleaning the room next door to mine , she notice that i was looking at here because she had such a nice strange light brown eyes , and she did not look Phillippino to me

the next day when i went out to make some photoshoot , she was bussy with the room across mine and i told her as a joke today you will have a easy one with mine , i did not make such a mess , She look at me with her beautiful light brown eyes and just smile....

When i reach back to my room later that day i found this note by my telephone !!!


Note exchange that follows !!

My Note: Oke i will be glad to server you also if i can get a chance to.

Cleaning Lady Note: Call me at this number after 06.00 PM i will tell you where we will meet.

So i call her after 06.00 PM at the number she give me and she was so happy that i call and we meet at a cafe in ( Mandaue City )

After a nice dinner and some drinks here and there we head off to a ST hotel where i fuck her brains out....

In between fucking she told me her mix is mother from Srilanka and Phillippino father , she was 30 years old with a great body and a very very sweet pussy when we finish i wanted to give her 1500 php , she refuse to take the money.....

The next few day`s that i was still in the hotel , each day she will leave some candy on my computer table each time with a nice note.....

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Domestic terminal fee to be integrated into airline ticket cost

MANILA, Philippines—The Manila International Airport Authority is all set for the integration of the P200 domestic terminal fee into the cost of a local airline ticket starting Aug.1, according to MIAA general manager Jose Angel Honrado.

However, the MIAA will continue to operate domestic terminal fee counters at the ninoy Aquino International Airport’s Terminals 2, 3, and 4 for up to a year as quite a number of tickets have already been sold or will still be sold by the airlines prior to Aug. 1, Honrado said.

Honrado said in a statement that the MIAA expects a complete phaseout of the terminal fee counters after a year, and “until that time, we advise all domestic passengers departing from Manila on Aug. 1 onwards to bring a printed copy of their plane tickets or electronic tickets. These will be presented as they check in for their flights.”

The MIAA and local airline companies “have agreed to integrate the terminal fee into the cost of the plane tickets for domestic destinations in a bid to minimize the hassle for departing passengers who have to go through several checkpoints before boarding their flights,” Honrado said.

The NAIA terminal fees go to the maintenance, expansion and rehabilitation of local airports.

Six domestic carriers recently signed an agreement with the MIAA on the incorporation of the NAIA domestic terminal fee into the price of an airline ticket. They were Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines, Seair, Sky Pasada, and Zest Air.

Honrado said “the integration will benefit millions of domestic passengers who pass through NAIA Terminals 2, 3 and 4. For the year 2011, the total domestic passengers that passed through these terminals hit 8.43 million as against 7.37 million in 2010.”

“We are already preparing for the second phase of the integration project where we hope to replicate this arrangement with the international airline companies,” he added.

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Fantastic & encyclopedic info Stealth, on a country that is a bit harder to unlock for the monger than LOS, but is worth the effort due to the language ease & the warmth of the people. But it still is work to get to where things happen.

This should be pinned as a valuable resource..... thanks! :happy0065:

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Angeles City , My Experience

From a scale of 0 to 10 on a security point of view it will get a 6

I saw this time less homeless people on the street , less childeren that begg`s for money....

I also saw less underage girls on the street , there was a big cleanup beginning of the years so that have helpt in some way

I walk the streets 2 - 3 - 4 oclock in the morning with out fear that i will get robbed or anything in that order

Great job Stealth. I presume you are talking the main bar area on Fields? I've never had a problem there at any hour. However once you get west of say Dr. Holmes at night it gets pretty dicey. There have even been some problems recently near the Petron station in daytime.

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Yes , AC will alway`s be a sticky point when it come to the security.....

My view was indeed from inside the tourist area , and even in that area it can be sometime unsafe.....

Like right now there are some childeren gangs again on the lose attacking tourist coming and leaving the grand lewis hotel and it`s surrounding...

For sure not a good tourist promo for the area , when i need go out of the tourist zone i will alway`s make sure that i am with a local....

Greetz , stealth

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Grand Lewis is very far from the bar area at least 15 to 20 min walk and 5 min with the trick.....

When i stay there i alway`s use the trick to get to the action zone , and i will recommand everybody to do so...

The management of Grand Lewis must do much more abouth there security for there guest like the ABC hotel does and not only look at the cash that come in from there other source like Club High Society and the rest....


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Does the Angeles City barfine include the ladyboys "tip"? I read that is the way it is for ladies.

In the GG bars you do pay in advance the total amount for the girl's service. To Thailand guys this sounds like a bad idea. But if I flat out ask the girls if they will stay all night and live up to certain agreed upon actions I've had little problems with runners (girls who leave early). But it is best to discuss all the expectations in this environment. However tipping for good service still usually occurs on a LT. A few years ago 200-300p would be a good tip. Probably more like 500p these days if the service is great I suppose. But it is up to you, tipping is not required. Many bars charge the same for a ST as a LT. So tipping is not so common for ST.

I would expect a LB from a bar to be the same. But you are not going to find a lot of bars with LBs in AC. Maybe the few hosto bar or some little bar somewhere. But don't expect LB bars like in Thailand.

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How To Deal With Your Personal Stuff !!!

Most hotels in the phillippines have a safe unit in the room , MAKE FUCKING USE OF IT !!!!


Do as i do , rest your safe unit every two day`s and add a NEW CODE , just in case so you know that all is cool that not even the hotel staff can get in to your shit !!!

Since i am traveling around the world i never had a safe broken in to and lost anything , hope it will Always stay that way !!!

If your some where that they dont have a safe unit in your room as i sometime encounter , make sure you have lockable bagg with you that you can use to close with slots , just put your stuff in it and lock it up , easy......

And stuff this bagg away , the more discreet you are the better , try also not to show or open the bagg infront of them but when they are in the CR or outside the bagg view.......


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When your not in your safe zone , ( with safe zone i mean your hotel room ) , but your at the girl house or app or your at a ST room......

Make sure you Always take small amount of money with you and a copy of your passpoort , Always leave the real shit in your hotel......

If you lose anything it will never be much.......

Always have spare money in your socks , so you can get a taxi or trick back to your hotel.......

Always keep your wallet and keys in your front pocket , if she go and shower first or together same story , dont take of your pants in the room but take it of in the shower and put it some where you can see it , when you finish shower put it again somewhere you can see it when your in the room with her , this way you will not give her no chance to steal anything because you Always have a eye on your stuff.....



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How to deal with wolfpacks first time , dont take more then two girls

In the phillippines it`s normaal that girls and ladyboy`s go out in groups to party 2 - 4 or 6 at a time.....
It could happend that you meet one of these group of girls or ladyboy`s during your night out and that you like on girl or ladyboy in the group , when the time come to go home she will ask you if her friends can come along.
If your a newbee and you still want to tray this DONT TAKE MORE THEN TWO GIRLS WITH YOU AT THE SAME TIME !!!

The extra girl will expect you to give her something if you fuck her , but i will alway`s give her what i call ( been in the wrong place at the wrong time fee , and that is 500 php )

How to deal with wolfpacks long time , be sure you know there back ground

If you are taking two or more girls or ladyboy to your room for Long Time , make sure it`s not the first time you meet them , but you guy`s know each other for a long time.......
Make sure you know these girls or ladyboy very well , make sure you know where they live , and there background....

If anything happens you will be at there door steps with in sec..

I am very use to have wolfpacks with me all the time......

In Cebu i had at one time 8 with me , while 4 stay over to sleep.......

In Manila i had also the whole 3 day`s i was there 3 horny angels with me......

Next pic are those of Manila....





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16 hours ago, Stealth007 said:

How To Deal With Your Personal Stuff !!!

If your some where that they dont have a safe unit in your room as i sometime encounter , make sure you have lockable bagg with you that you can use to close with slots , just put your stuff in it and lock it up , easy......

And stuff this bagg away , the more discreet you are the better , try also not to show or open the bagg infront of them but when they are in the CR or outside the bagg view.......


5 5 5... just put your stuff in it and lock it up , easy......


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The Philippines will grant entry to visitors vaccinated against Covid-19 and testing negative for Covid-19 from February 10, its government said on January 28, in an effort to boost a tourism sector decimated by the pandemic.  No quarantine or special insurance requirement.

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Below is a video about the new rules.    If you need ladyboy cock and have not been to the Philippines before,  I recommend flying into Clark as it is so quick to get into your Angeles City hotel after touchdown.  Easy peasey. No traffic, unlike Manila. It is also a huge advantage flying back home from Clark since you know you can get to the airport in 15 minutes while if flying home from Manila you need to build in hours of extra time just in case you hit monster traffic.  Hotels in Angeles are cheaper as are the asking price of the ladyboys.  Very easy to get acclimated in AC.

It is much easier to communicate with the Flippers than with the Thais so much easier to arrange threesomes where the ladyboys are penetrating each other.   Angeles also has the world's best 7/11 with outdoor seating for 150 with speakers blasting out dance tunes while you drink your Red Horse or San Mig Lite which is priced as a local beer.

It's more fun in the Philippines!  :party:


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