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The Big Bash ....again (sorry)


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  1. 1. When

    • Songkran
    • When there's a shit load of Bm"s in town
    • Anytime suits me
    • Listen to the people who answer the poll
  2. 2. Where

    • PBR
    • Any suitable venue
    • I Don't give a fuck
  3. 3. What would you like at the bash

    • Ladyboys (doh)
    • The Mormons
    • The Gay and Lesbian Right Group
    • Shit Loads O Ladyboys

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Wow, it sounds like it's already got the makings of an even bigger event, whenever it takes place! :clapping:

For what it's worth, Rossco made mention of lead time for support (ie -- needing support now if it took place in April/May), so if it did take place in August, as I'll be there in early May, you can count me in for whatever hand I can lend during that time... :bbq:

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The proposal of another "Competition" for LB bars is brilliant. The last event in Oct 2009 was a big success as everyone had a good time and a significant sum went to the charity Jesters - Care 4 Kid

Guys.... I'm picking up the profits of by book sales sold in the Canterbury Tales from Dave there, this coming June. I am taking a bike ride to the 'Fountain of Youth orphanage' along with 69Billy,

Posted Images

Wow! Between what Rossco told me on the telly and what Thpon and Jimbo have just announced things sound like they're shifting to high gear! :thumbsu:

A van of C&D girls headed from Phuket to Pattaya in October! Who wants to drive that bus? :p

Color coordinated team bikinis!

Venue secured!

Beer sponsorship! :beerhat:

This is fooking amazing, may be the biggest ladyboy event of all time! :yahoo:

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The idea of an event was started here. I am delighted it was 'kicked off' on this new Forum. Now we need to look at the larger audience.

Thpon and I will post something on the other popular Forums so we can maximise the interest and attendance.

This will be a Water Volley Ball contest. It will take place at an hotel so that both the competition and party are all at the same venue.

The event is currently planned for October 2011 which fits in with Hotels/Bars and the weather!

Arrangements are apt to change as we fine tune and finalise the venue, teams, costs and sponsorship.

Entry will be by ticket only. There will be limited tickets on offer, at 1,000 baht per person, as total numbers will be restricted. 48 Contestants, 8 Bar owners and partners, Judges and BM Sponsors (sponsorship gives them a complimentary ticket).


BM Sponsorship - entitles sponsor to a ticket. Amount to be agreed/fixed

Corporate sponsorship

People may 'contribute/donate' a smaller sum than sponsorship, to their favorite bar, or directly to the organisers, but no free ticket.

The plan is have 8 teams. C&D from Phuket, Pattaya Bars (Stringfellow/Pook/SoWhat-LuckyLove etc) and hopefully at least one from Bangkok. That will be 48 contestants.

To make recognition easy, by supporters, each team will have a color coded bikini - White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow etc.

There will be 6 matches in each of 2 groups - the winner of each group will go to the final. 13 games in all. Starting at 2.00pm the games should be finished by 6.00pm.

The party will start at about 7.00pm. I am sure many LBs will be late as they preen themselves for the evening ahead!

There will be a Buffet/BBQ and some complimentary drinks.

There will be an auction and a Best Dressed LB Competition to provide some entertainment along with a Disco. The event will finish at about midnight (12.00pm)

The event is hosted to raise funds for the Jesters Care 4 Kids charity. To ensure that sponsors feel that their contribution is destined to a good cause the actual costs of the event must be covered by Ticket sales/Bar entry fee/Auction. This will mean that BM and Corporate sponsorship money will go directly to the charity. Obviously we wish everyone to have a great time.

The thought of 48 LBs in wet bikinis, for 4 hours, should be enough to whet the appetite of all BMs.

I do hope that there will be maximum support for this event and that it subsequently becomes part of the Pattaya calendar.

What does an individual get for their 1,000 Baht ticket:

* Free entry to the most unique Water Volley Ball competition - 4 hours of it

* Free Buffet

* Complimentary drinks (limited)

* The company of 48 LBs who are not at their place of work

* Chance to bid on some great auction items

* A chance to attend a Gala evening

* The chance of many Kodak moments

What does the Bar/Corporate sponsor get:

* Positive coverage at a unique event aimed at helping needy children

* Media coverage

What do the LBs get:

* Prize money

* A great day out

* An even better evening out

* The pleasure of your company

It is hoped to have media coverage (TV and Newspapers) at the event so we hope all attendees will behave accordingly! One of the objectives is to improve the image of our preferred desire and this is an opportunity for them to 'shine'.

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I agree with PDogg, this is looking like a major event! One that i will be proud to be a part of. And i'm very glad Rossco will have some help from thpon and others, hopefully.

Organising an event on this scale will be an extraordinary feat, and desrves the full support of all LB lovers, even if they can't attend. And all for a good cause - amazing!

Looks like my visa run to the uk will have to be rescheduled for september, but all in a good cause.

Oh, and i will be driving the bus from Phuket ! Well, you've gotta have some perks to this job, right?

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Well guys as far as the event is concerned and i say this with great sadness..."I am out of it"

I have agreed with Rossco that i will hand over to him the contacts i have already made and try to finalize the agreements which i started.

If you guys wish to continue with it then please do so and you have my support but other than what i have already started I will not be involved,and will not be attending the event.

I will give my money to jesters direct and that will prevent any further personal attacks directed at me and others.

By the way to the faceless bastard who contacted me, please have the balls to show yourself to the guys involved.

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Sorry to hear you won't be involved anymore THpon. It's a shame there always seems to be some faceless git floating around who likes to mess things up for other people. Hope otherwise you are keeping well wherever on the planet you might be. Cheers pal.

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There will be no Volley Ball competition this year.

A number of reasons but Thpon proposed it and pledged both his support both in terms of finance and assistance.

Thpon subsequently announced he would not be involved and was unable to deliver on any previously promised committments - Corporate sponsorship and venue.

Bob, of Stringfellows, and the new owner Steve, suggested we go ahead as we had a committment from a team in Malaysia and C&D in Phuket. That would leave only 3 teams to find from Kyoyo, Pook, La Bamba, SoWhat/LuckyLove and Bangkok

Sadly C&D had to pull out yesterday.

For the event to have any chance of success would require at least 6 teams.

A further discussion took place and perhaps (and that will depend on sincere committment) an event in late Feb/early March 2012.

For the event to be worth all the effort requires:

6 Teams/Bars

30 BM sponsors

80+ Ticket sales

Corp sponsorship

Venue - hotel providing pool/buffet

The target was 150,000 Baht to charity where all actual asponsorship money would go to the charity and not be used to subsidize the party.

The cost of the event would be covered by bar entry fees, auction, ticket sales.

The event requires a significant amount of planning and preparation and most BMs do not live here so are unable to physically assist.

Should Feb/March 2012 firm up I will keep you posted.

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Lets get it straight so there are no misunderstandings....

The reason i did not deliver on the sponsorship....

1. The Hotel would have maybe gone ahead but were nervous dealing with persons unknown (i told them i was not involved anymore)

2. All other sponsorship was told to forget it (by me). This was due to a conversation which took place between you and I where i told you for personal reasons I would not get involved to which you replied then you did not feel you could continue with the event. End of story.

I do not want people to think by your post i welched on the deal, as i did not but rather told the parties concerned the truth and as far as i knew the event was off.

If you guys want to organise something...do it,

Just leave me out of it ....

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BIG BASH...as most of you know i was one of the bigest FAN for another BIG BASH...and now i see that is coming up.

As far as i know now Oct is fine with me to be there but pls inform me the dates.

If the big bash comes up then what i could do for that event is to bring our cameraman from my studio who could shoot the whole event from the beginning

until the end get everything its happening with sound professionaly done,and each bm who is there will get a copy of that event,as far as the master film

will be burnt in front of all the bms.

All the expences for my crew are going to be on me.

That is all i could do for the event if everybody agrees to that.

Pls remember that everything is going to be done and edited while we

are all there,so if there is something which is not wanted it will be cut at once. :pic:

post-403-061607000 1304862214.jpg

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One thing i am trying to understand is how crown ups behave like a small child.

thpon put up his opinion about another big bash,put up his ideas,and by doing that we all understood that we all have to put up what we all think about that.

For some reason i never understood thpon is out of the game...why?

As far as an idea is good,but to make that idea work we all have to agree about it....what made the Legentary BIG BASH so succefull 2 years ago was that

we all particibate to make it work,and it did worked.

But now an idea comes up...lots of pla pla pla, and "i am out of it"

Anyway i better stop ,because i might get somebody upset and i dont want that.

What i really want and for this i am sure that everybody want is to get all together and have a fantastic time. :drinks::drinks::drinks::drinks::drinks::drinks::drinks::drinks:

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I'm picking up the profits of by book sales sold in the Canterbury Tales from Dave there, this coming June.

I am taking a bike ride to the 'Fountain of Youth orphanage' along with 69Billy, and 5$, to hand our donations 'directly' to Sister Mary, and spend a couple of hours with the kids, and see how things work there, somewhere between the 23rd of June, and the 7th July.

As I have posted what we are doing (in my TR), on other non LB related forums such as 'Addicts', we have accidentally drummed up (from posts and PM's) a few more donators, that want to come along with us, to make their personal donations.

There is simply nothing to organize here..... no piss-ups, no volley ball competitions, no hotel venue's, or company sponsors, to worry about.

All we have to do is Post and PM, the date & meeting point, a couple of days before hand, wile we are there.

If others don't turn up, and can't be bothered getting out of their beds, it's no big deal... I know that 3 good guys are going for sure, but it would be nice & better for the kids if others would tag along also.

I know there is a shit load of LB mongers in town that period, and it will be interesting to see the reaction of this post, or is it going to fall on deaf ears, with no reaction at all!

Anyway you are welcome to join us, on our little quest if your in town!

Thanks in advance


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