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  1. Yes, Wat Yan, the Chinese temple/museum, Buddha Mountain, and the Italian Vineyard (fresh cold grape juice on a hot day), all just in the same area ether beside each other or no more than 2 kilometers away from each other. Like BigTel said, 30 minutes away on the bike from Pattaya. Was surprised that for all the years the girls (Pon & Ann) had been working in Pattaya, didn't know these places existed, and thought it was weird two farangs where doing tour guides. Wat Yan, is right next door to the Chinese Museum, where you can see Buddha mountain in the distance, which is 2 kilometers a
  2. Some latest photos of Aun/Ann....... day out with Ann
  3. Few more photos.....
  4. Some photos of Sensations on our last trip a couple of weeks ago! Sensations was by far the busiest bar this trip, when the rest of the bars were crying out for customers!
  5. I have to agree with zaronxas & flat pack on all points.... it was a great documentary, and did exactly what it set out to do. It was set out for family viewing, and Jerry you seem to be more disappointed in not seeing cock.
  6. LaaMok (root admin/owner) over at Pattaya Addict has been kind enough to open a banner, and holding their meeting in Sensations on Friday the 15th....it reads as follows; Friday Meeting at Action Street - Sensations Scott & Paeng's bar is called 'Sensations' in 'Action Street' They were featured in this documentary 15th June 2012 8.30 p.m - 10.00 p.m They open a day before our meeting. He has posted photos of the bar, that Scott posted here, which I put a couple of arrows in to make sure they know which bar it is.... they might even start their bar crawls in the whole complex later.
  7. May first came to Pattaya, and worked in a bar in Soi 7, at the age of 14+. Same with Dear, she is just celebrating her 21st birthday, but last year she told me she was 24. Took her first time from Pooks the year before.... so she was 18 then. But she worked in EZY, Obsessions, Soi 7 + 8 for a couple of years before that, and Bangkok before that, for an escort agentcy. When I took her first at 18, she had already 4-5 porn movies under her belt, usually doing 1 or 2 a year. Doing the maths, she had to be 15 at least when she did her first porn movie.
  8. Point taken Larry, I have edited that to make it more clear, and I think it should read alright now!
  9. The set-up here in Holland is nothing like the UK,and she isn't a bad old dear. I believe the state only covers her and one other member of the Dutch royal family, the rest including the prince's have to have they're own income, or all have to have real jobs. Being a member of the socialist party here in Holland, we do make the drastic protest of sticking a postage stamp with her head on it upside down when mailing a letter.... but it still gets delivered...lol But way back in the day, the hell angels here had a beef with her, with all sorts of threats & protests. So she invited a bunch
  10. It's actually the Dutch Queen's birthday that date, and as Lita's boyfriend is Dutch, I guess he would be throwing the party.
  11. Welcome QG, took you long enough, but now your here
  12. Glad you made it Eldiablo.....welcome buddy
  13. Transvestites or Real Women, Sexy Dancing in Sattahip Wan Lai, Songkran Sattahip was very vigorous, there were many people celebrating Songkran and splashing water in the market area and around the City. SATTAHIP – April 17, 2012 [PDN]: The journalist reported that in the city and market area of Amphur Sattahip, Chonburi, there were plenty of people coming out and splashing water in Wan Lai, Songkran. The roads around Sattahip were packed with plenty of vehicles that contained families in their pick-ups, out of their house’s to splash water and powder on to other people. The roads around Sat
  14. Welcome old buddy Mr M, glad you have arrived
  15. Welcome Gary, glad you arrived safely
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