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  1. Rossco. Lets get it straight so there are no misunderstandings.... The reason i did not deliver on the sponsorship.... 1. The Hotel would have maybe gone ahead but were nervous dealing with persons unknown (i told them i was not involved anymore) 2. All other sponsorship was told to forget it (by me). This was due to a conversation which took place between you and I where i told you for personal reasons I would not get involved to which you replied then you did not feel you could continue with the event. End of story. I do not want people to think by your post i welched on the deal, as i
  2. Well guys as far as the event is concerned and i say this with great sadness..."I am out of it" I have agreed with Rossco that i will hand over to him the contacts i have already made and try to finalize the agreements which i started. If you guys wish to continue with it then please do so and you have my support but other than what i have already started I will not be involved,and will not be attending the event. I will give my money to jesters direct and that will prevent any further personal attacks directed at me and others. By the way to the faceless bastard who contacted me, please h
  3. Jimbo...what a guy. Thanks mate for your input and we would love to have you there, with your girls of course. We will arrange accomodation for your girls and you should you wish and i am sure Papa Rossco will call you to confirm
  4. Well Rossco has taken the bull by the horns and started to call me up to try to sort this thing out in such a way as it will work and be profitable for jesters.. I have already been given the green light by a venue which will suit us. Arranged for a discount (dont know what level of discount as yet) for the night before the event, the night of and the night after the event by the hotel. Gained agreement that we will get some sponsorship from some beer companies. Have requested and waiting for approval from management two return tickets "Bangkok - London or London-Bangkok" with two airlines
  5. I have 5 spires (Ha Yot) on my chest carried out as described above with steel spikes by a monk. The monk was laughing all the way through it and in his limited english every time he asked me if it hurt of course i said "NO" being a big butch ladyboy lover he would hit the spike just that touch harder, Near the end i was ready to run but somehow manged to let him finish, but i looked like roadkill when he finally put his spike down, blood everywhere. The monk actually shook my hand and said it was unusual for a farang to endure the ordeal, i think he thought we were all pansies. After i
  6. Every time i have a test....99.9% of the time i know i am ok........but why do the doctors who give you the results have such sullen looks...frightens the shits out of me...i am sure when i go out and close the door they piss themselves laughing thinking that will teach the bastard
  7. Well i see the old Bas***d has finally made an appearance, about bloody time too Dad. It Nice to see its got someone talking anyway. First of all KL you are a true gent , thanks for your offer which will be accepted with a bow and a handshake sir. The idea of April is as already sort of pointed out a little too soon, especially if we want to do it right. And really which ever date we choose we will inevitably be having it when some people cannot be in Pats. Personally I would like to see everyone there to make as much money as possible for jesters. With a little effort we can do so much goo
  8. Hey B its good to hear from you..not seen you around so maybe we can time it right this time for you..cheers mate
  9. BB. Tara changes her look more than you change film. Tara as you know is a favourite of mine but honestly i don't think i have seen her with the same look on any two visits. Other than that she is a sweetie, and Pookie ......well it has all been said, what a sweety
  10. thpon

    Sally Bar

    Gotta agree with PD BB and Siam Sam. It's a great bar even if it is a little out of the way, no hassle, some great crack and even better company. You want out of the rat race, just chill at Sally's. After a couple of visits you become a part of the family
  11. Hey Lucky Love, WTF, you are supposed to take it easy in your condition, and you go and post pics like that..... Now i have a dodgy ****ker...Thanks Pal Well done mate got to get back and see you soon.
  12. Bumble Bee, Swine Canine....without you guys it would have not been a bash. The weather has been taken in to account a few options are open to us (they were discussed with the venues and we have their assurance that we are welcome) so no probs there. The BIG question is ...when. The format we can tweak to suit the attendance but BB you get your ass there or i will stop your euro loan...only kidding. I will probably come and drag you to the bash. PD you are here anyway so you can drag me One thing to remember the money goes to a charity...JESTERS. It will be fully transparent (have just th
  13. Pong ....Hot Hot Hot...i agree Jim you should have i would have (but then again thats no recommendation)
  14. Jimbo, I keep saying it but i am gonna have to speak to my Dad (Big Papa Rossco) and come down there for a visit... You have some of the best Talent in LOS...keep up the great work bud and see you soon
  15. Sorry i forgot to add, A selected number of bars will be given the opportunity to be represented by their ladies....to be advised
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