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Firefox And Opera Work Well With LBR (Chrome Does Not)

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Opera? is that still around? I stopped using it years ago when it started failing to display many sites properly. The originator of Speed Dial. I loved it. Wen to Pale Moon which then did the same thing, could not FB on it for sure. I LIKE Vivaldi, but it's Chrome based. ODDLY I have viewed this site on it for a few  years no problems. I blame the Updates. Thanks for the heads up Pig


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5 hours ago, Pdoggg said:

Hey guys, some of our members experience tech issues with LBR when using the Chrome browser. Often, not always, these problems go away when using Firefox or Opera.

It's worse on Chrome mobile. I can't click buttons or even move to the "next page" at times...

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I don't understand why BMs still complain about this issue. Problems with reacting or opening new tabs started a few months ago.

I had my share of issues. It began with MS Edge, so I switched to Chrome, but the same problems appeared. I found a solution by using Firefox and have since used it exclusively to log in to LBR. And it works! So why keep using browsers that can't handle LBR? Just download Firefox and use it for LBR. As I previously mentioned, I have no stake in Firefox.

I'm just a regular user. I also use Opera for another website where I don't want the admin to track my IP address. That guy uses too many tricks to track his BMs.

Even on my travel PC, I have four browsers installed (MS Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera). Modern PCs are powerful enough to handle multiple browsers.

I recently received an advertisement for a new browser called DuckDuckGo, created by the same company as the search engine. I tested it with LBR, even though I don't use it every day. I'm now posting with DuckDuckGo. I could add reactions, post a photo (Vu Nhi playing pool), and open new tabs without any issues.

If you keep using Chrome or Edge, you'll keep complaining that they don't work properly with LBR.

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I just posted a topic using Edge - so I guess it's working ok now. It did seem a bit dodgy a few days ago (super slow) as were a few other sites but is normal again. There was a  recent Windows update which made  similar problems but they seem to have fixed it in the latest update. 

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I never had issues posting with MS Edge unless a white page appeared. However, the common problem with Edge and Chrome is that you can't switch to the next page unless you open a new tab, and you can't add reactions (like, arrow, laugh) to any post.

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Just now, Pulci Gorgon said:

the common problem with Edge and Chrome is that you can't switch to the next page unless you open a new tab

For those of who aren't sure how to open a different page in a new tab below is step by step the method PG outlined.

1) Above the top of the fist post on a particular page right click the page you want to go to. In this case I right clicked (page) 3.

2) Then click Open Link In New Tab and the new page opens in a new tab.

Honestly though, if you have to do this on Chrome, I think it's just easier to use a different browser such as Firefox.

Screen Shot 2024-06-01 at 12.56.46 AM.png

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Just now, Quietguy said:

I just tried to send a pm to Emmy but got a message that Emmy could not receive messages. Is this because of the Chrome problem?

Don't think so.  Think I know what the problem was.

Please try again and let me know if can now send a message to her. 

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