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Warm Up Bar in Pattaya ?

Pulci Gorgon

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8 hours ago, Pulci Gorgon said:

I read today a bout a bar in Pattaya called the Warm Up Bar.  I fear a it's a fib but perhaps someone can check it up on the field. For what I saw in Google maps, comments say nothing about the presence of ladyboys. 

The address : 420, 182 soi Boomerang, Pattaya

Hi PG, I recall walking by this bar several times last year and I am pretty sure seeing one or two ladyboys hanging around. Mostly GGs though. I never went in, so can't give detailed info for now. Will not be in Patts till January, so hope somebody else can update us earlier.

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24 minutes ago, Dan Miller said:

so hope somebody else can update us earlier.

Warm Up Bar is on Soi Boomerang, a small L shaped soi where the 2nd incarnation of Baby Boom was located, and now is filled with Gentleman's Clubs.  It's owned by Andy, a nice guy who runs the Hideaway which is a popular eatery and guesthouse.  I'm not in Pattaya very often but when I walk by it looks like more ladyboys than GGs.

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Thanks a lot for both your answers. I find it surprising that no one ever mentionned this bar beforeI haven't been to Thailand since 2017 but keep an eye on the Thai scene. I was surprised to find the information in a forum where mongers aren't able to make the difference between Pattaya and Phuket. 

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According to what I remember was announced at another ladyboy board, the Warm Up Bar was started last year (2022) in what was part of the premises of Andy's Hideaway guesthouse and restaurant.  When  I walked by a couple times on my previous 2 trips, I saw only  2 or 3 not so hot staff sitting idly and did not bother stopping for a drink.  I also did not see any customers there although I suppose the Hideaway killer pool regulars and the guesthouse guests must hang out in there sometimes... 

They have a FB page where just today they posted the pic below.  There are many more pics and it seems they throw regular parties, well-attended by the usual sexpats... It also seems freelancers go there for the parties...


Based on what I have seen, I do not consider Warm Up "a ladyboy bar" by Romscar standards, rather a bar that happens to employ a few ladyboys, too few to be Romscar-grade.

Andy is an active contributor at PY but does not seem to bother with LBR...  Too bad for us.  He seems a regular guy ...



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