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  1. Starting March 23rd, an appointment system will be in effect at the UK Embassy in Bangkok. https://www.consular-appointments.service.gov.uk/fco/#!/british-embassy-bangkok/oaths-affirmations-and-affidavits/slot_picker
  2. Here are the Yellow Bank FX rates. If the trend continues, soon you'll get more baht with a greenback than an Euro. http://www.krungsri.com/bank/en/Other/ExchageRate/Todayrates.html
  3. So delicious, that I thought she might not be boyish enough to qualify for this thread. She was on one of LBR's Facebook Groups; don't know anything about her. If I find out more, will report back Torurot.
  4. Nice pics Billy. I remember that boy from the Morlam. I find boys #2 and #3 in the pics above quite attractive. While #2 probably doesn't wear skirts, his outfit is clearly not masculine. Can't tell with #1 and #3 cause they're butt naked. Problem with Vassa Bar is that although at first glance some of the boys look attractive, they tend to have hairy calfs and somehwat masculine energy. Though the drunker I get, the better they look.
  5. http://www.chiangraitimes.com/thai-government-launches-multi-lingual-complaints-hotline-for-foreigners.html
  6. A couple months ago, and then we went to 69 Bar afterward.
  7. The BOT cut the policy rate by 0.25% today. Ceteris paribus, this should weaken the baht vis a vis the major currencies. In afternoon trading, after the announcement, both the dollar and the pound strengthened against the baht. The Euro continued to weaken vs the dollar. The policy rate cut prevented the euro from weakening against the baht this afternoon.
  8. Wellesley, Hillary's alma mater, is now admitting Male to Female transgendered students. Transgender men are not eligible for admission.
  9. Hope that's not a joke as that's April Fool's Day. Wonder if it's owned by the same guy who owned Cherry Bar on Soi 8, think that bar is gone?
  10. Soi 8? if u find out any details please post them GT.
  11. Maybe this one is too girlish for this thread. As far as I know she's not Irish.
  12. I know there's plenty of guys on LBR that like threesomes. One buddy of mine says it's not just about the sex. If you're spending a couple days with a Thai lady or ladyboy, it can get pretty boring not speaking the same language. But with two girls they can keep each other entertained and be good company to each other provided they get along. I guess there are also other benefits of threesomes.
  13. Welcome to the Forum Emrys! Sexy ladyboy for sure! But sorry, I don't know who she is.
  14. RIP Tiger. Tiger worked at Come In Bar in Sunee. he was 19, not 29 as the article states. http://pattayadailynews.com/motorcycle-goes-off-bridge/
  15. A really great read Rocky! Here's a recent article about the first openly gay chaplain in the FDNY. Although the beloved Father Mike who died on 9/11 was by all accounts gay, as a Catholic priest he wasn't "out".
  16. http://pattayadailynews.com/peeping-tom-records-teacher-in-toilet/
  17. The Ladyboys of La Bamba were sure looking great at the last party! Who doesn't love cheerleaders! :party0011: Might I suggest a simple cheer. Give me a F Give me a U Give me C Give me a K Give me a M Give me a E What's that spell? Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me Should be a fantastic party as are all La Bamba parties!
  18. Great party at LaBamba last night! Just about every ladyboy there is a stunner! They were wearing skimpy tartan skirts. Nancy even pulled hers up for a second giving "a glimpse of bulge"!
  19. Pdoggg

    Lita Bar BBQ

    BBQ at Lita Bar
  20. I guess the van that took us there took a different route because I don't recall a minutes drive from Sukhumvit. This makes going there easy. And if I can't find the bus I can just go to Telephone Bar instead. But still concerned about exactly where to wait to catch the bus back and flaging it down in the dark. Have no idea how to find a bus schedule.
  21. Ice cold bottled Heineken is just 40 baht at Krazy Dragon GoGo. Heineken ONLY . All other beer and drinks are expensive. VERY few femmy femmy boys but at 40 baht it's not a major mistake if the eye candy is not to your liking.
  22. Since we're talking about getting to Ban Chang in another thread thought I'd bump this thread if guys have any ino about the bars in Ban Chang.
  23. No rush Mr T. I'm not going there tomorrow. I wonder if there are two bars areas in Ban Chang? I was there just once, maybe twice, forget. The bars are in a quaint little town and as I recalled quite a distance from Sukhumvit though the street could be called Sukhumvit Soi 25. If it's easy to get to as in a bus that goes from Sukhumvit and Pattaya Tai directly to the bar area then I'm interested in going for sure. And am concerned about the return trip as don't want to be straded there at 8PM. If it's too complicated, just not worth the effort for me. The I-Rovers van was easy though I was locked into their arrival and departure times.
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