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    Come on now! I am a member of this website! I wonder what my interest is! Oh wait it says "interests!" Ok, sailing, guitars, computers, photography, golf tennis, blah blah blah.

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  1. Jai Dee! Thanks for the history of the forums. I did not start down this road of self discovery until about 2008-2009. I found TLF and Jimb's thread and off to the races I went! Well here I am today. I remember when TLF was shut down and was under some different illision and was highly frustrated that "my site" was no longer available! I have a few harsh comments that are still floating in cyber-space defending Marko but now it is all in the past. I am more focused on going back to the LOS than loosing my grip! Thanks again Jai Dee for the history lesson! Johnny
  2. Hot Damn! Can't wait to see more!
  3. Great TM! More More More!!!!
  4. Alright Dave, waiting for the nest installment!
  5. Thanks guys! Been here a little while and have enjoyed the forum! Keep up the great work!
  6. PD, a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Not sure if you will be eating turkey on Tday but I wanted to wish you and the membership a Happy Thanksgiving from Chicago!
  7. I hate the term "monger" for a discription of our selected lifestyle! I would perfer "adventurer" or another word that is usable to describe our interest. But that is just my two cents!
  8. Off at Stringfellows in Pattaya had a very bad experience with facial silicone injection. It seems that she allowed another ladybooy to inject silcone into her face. The injection clogged the vein carring blood to her eye and she went blind in that eye. She is still at Stringfellows and it is a real shame!
  9. Texasmac, Powerbob from Stringfellows just made the Bangkok to Pattaya run in 2.5 hours last week due to traffic but no sign of water! He reports dry conditions in Pattaya. I would take the bell bus for the senic view and sleep factor.
  10. Thanks Lefty for this sobering video!
  11. Here I sit in Tsunami's Sams bar nursing a cold 7-up. Yeah I know, where is the Pepsi? Well Sams doesn't serve Pepsi, cold Corona's and cheeseburgers is what we offer and it seems that people still keep coming back. We also do forzen margaritas and various flavored frozen slushee concoctions involving lots of vodka! Right now strawberry banana seems to be a hit so I guess will keep making it for the masses! Now Sams is a small caribbean bar that I own which is covered with memoribila of my trips all of the world. Wyland lithographs that he has autographed to a photograph of a Blue Whale off of the Baja Mexician coast taken by Amos Nashoum. Autographed as well. The reason I bring this subject up is where do I put the pictures from Thailand? Maybe move the custom made Corona surf board, (only one of its kind), don't think so. Maybe move the autographed Jimmy Buffett or other Wyland litho's, nope. Even Squawkers the parrot is just not to happy with me moving things around. I think he thinks he is going to be moved from his perch on the bar! Not likely! Everybody lovers Squawkers and they all want to feed him his crackers. That is when he is hungry. Well I will get some stuff on the wall and have to take the overflow to the office! Oh this will make the staff happy! More stuff for them to dust besides their other duties! Now lets see, the last I wrote was sheep, lawn mowing, fleecing and, oh the Big Budda on the Mountain! Nicole and I walked up the stairs where I actually got my first close up look at the statute. It was covered by bamboo scaffolds and workmen were climbing all of the statue cleaning and laying new tiles into place. 45 meters tall. Standing at the base and looking up gave you a good idea of how tall 45 meters really is. But, besides the statute, the view from the top of the mountain is great. From one point you can see Wat Chalong and it was here that I posed Nicole with that background. The statue's base is huge! And as I walked arounfd the base I tried to document all of the carving and art work that had been done at the base. I paused and gave the large Thai bell three loud rings. I was in awe of the site of the statute and I even found diorama's of what the site will look like once every thing is done. I listened to the wind as it blew through the bamboo scaffolds and heard the children laughing as they went running by. With Nicole by my side, I felt at peace. No worries, just another day exploring areas of Thailand I never thought I would see. I have walked through the ruins of the Mayan culture in Mexico and have followed their roads in Cozumel but the statute was just as awe inspiring as standing atop the temple in Tulum Mexico and looking down into the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. With camera glued to my hand I took picture after picture. I posed Nicole here and there and everywhere along with solo pictures of the statute. Believe me, If you get to Phuket, take your lover and go see the statute. Just remember to sign your name on the back of a marble piece for your shot of eternity glued to some part of the Buddha.
  12. This is the day! The sun is out and there is not a cloud in the sky! No rain, just sun! Of course it is hot and humid! Oh well, just like Chicago in August! But today is the day! The day that Nicole and I have decide to go to the big Buddha on the mountain! No rain in the forcast just heat! Oh sure there is no breeze either! Just heat. But I will not be detered! I am a man on a mission! A mission to see this beaituful tribute that the thai people have built to honor Buddha! So off we... ah I better back up a little bit as it seems that I have dropped you into the middle of the story with out bringing you up to date! Nicole and I had tried this trip once before and rain wind and slick roads detered us from going to this place before and I was a little leary that the gods would rain on my parade once again! So lets start at the beginning of the day now that you understand that this was the second attempt to see the Buddha. I know when I have slept well because when I wake up I feel great and full of energy! I laid in bed and listened to the normal sounds of the Yorkshire Inn. The guests walking up and down the halls and the cleaning crew talking and laughing as they went about their jobs! I could even distingush my cleaning ladies voice as she has a very distinct accent. I just laid there and listened to the sounds. The rush of the air from the air conditioner and the hum of the fan moving the air around in the room. But most important of those sounds and feelings was the sound of the steady breathing and the warm body of Nicole curled up against me. I listened to her breath slowly and rythmiclly and I felt her warm body pressed against me. I wanted to stretch, I wanted to get up and start the day but I did not want to move and disturb her. So I layed there and listened to the sounds. The sounds of my home away from home and the quite sounds of a woman that I never, in my wildest imagination, thought I could have woke up next to in bed! Nicole was so peaceful as she slept and I did not want to disturb her so I slowly and gently slid out of bed with out her stirring. I padded silently accross the cold concreat floor in my bare feet and confirmed that both camera batteries were charged and that I had down loaded all of the pictures from the night before. I did not want to take a chance on not having enough battery power and not get as many pictures as I could. Pictures are important to me as they solidify my memories and remind me of the stories and enjoyment of where I was and what happened and believe me, I was photographing every thing and every one so I remembered it all. Thailand had always been on my bucket list and then it became a reality with events that I could never have dreamed of! I feel that I have met good people on this board and several helped me both on this board as well as when I was there! These people included Jimbo and Ivor and several of the girls from the bar. You read about the horror stories about first timers and all the scams but it seemed for the most part I was not scammed and the ladies were very helpful including the lady that was sleeping in my bed. I silently walked over to the closet to grab some closes for the day and a smile came to me as I looked at the clothes of Nicole's that hung neatly next to mine in the closet. Several pair of shoes were neatly lined up on the floor of the closet next to mine and all of the laundry to be washed was neatly stacked. Just remember, this trip report started out with an explanation to Pat that I wanted to be a friend to the bar and wanted to butterfly but now as I looked at Nicole's clothes I never even thought twice of that thought. It just seemed right. Her toothbrush next to mine and her clothes in my closet. Maybe one of my flights crashed and this was heaven! Maybe Jimbo was the keeper of the gate and my marmalade had been the key to gain entrance to nirvana! Naw, well maybe, naw, but I did refrain from pinching myself for fear of waking up and finding that none of my adventure was true! No Nicole, Peng, Seya, Eye, Pink or Pat. No cocktails and dreams and I was really just laying in my bed at home waiting for the alarm to activate. On a positive note, no two page bar bills... no they were real enough. Ok I guess I am really here! And that thought brought me full circle to what Nicole and I were going to do today. Little did I know that Nicole had other plans. I looked at my clothes and looked at Nicole, clothes, Nicole, clothes... Nicole! I slipped back into bed and rubbed my hand slowly and gently across her back She slowly stirred and opened her eyes and a smile came to her face. Boy if this isn't nirvana I don't know what is! Finally we both forced ourselves out of bed because this was the day, the day we were going to go see the big Buddha on the mountain! We hit the showers and I ran the soapie wash cloth over Nicole's soft and taut body. All that dancing certainly had its rewards! A mutual drying and kissing and, come on now this is the day! Begrudgingly we both got dressed and Nicole picked out the clothes she wanted me to wear so that I was properly dressed to go there. "Hello honey!" I had not even gotten out of the door to my room before my little cleaning lady greated Nicole and I. "Where you go." I told her that we were going to the big Buddha and her expression changed to one of confusion. "You go again?" I tried to explain that we did not go before because of the rain and that seemed to make her more confused. Finally, Nicole, in Thai told her what had happened on our last attempt to go to big Buddha. A couple minutes of conversation between the two ladies brought the smile back to her face. What was strange was the conversation between Nicole and her as Nicole slowly slid her arms around me and smiled. I am aware that the Thai people are not ones for a lot of public displays of affection so this seemed strange. My arm around Nicole's waist the last time we tried to go to big Buddha and the fleeting look between my cleaning lady and Nicole made me suspicious but now, hmmm, I think I need to learn thai! The conversation lasted a few more seconds, both women smiled and I felt that I had been invited to dinner but that I was the main course! Then it was off for breakfast! As we enterd the restaurant I could here the familiar sound of the coffee maker going into action and Nicole and I sat at our same seats looking out of the window at the bright and sunny day and watched all of the people and traffic as they passed by on Soi San Sabai. Breakfast done, tip left, change in Nicole's purse, ah wait a minute you say, change in Nicole's purse? After the first couple of days I started throwing all of the change I received into Nicole's purse. This way I did not lose it. Funny though, I never got it back. Hey... Out onto Soi San Sabai and a quick walk to our trusty red stead that was parked exactly where we had left it the day before. Now since the Buddha was a fair distance away, Nicole thought we should stop at the mechanic's shop and have her scooter checked out! You would think we were about to head out to Nepal to climb Mt. Everest! Off to the mechanic who just happened to have time to check out the scooter. And wouldn't you know it the scooter needed an oil change, wheel alignment, tire change, a full lube and of course, gas. Really? I mean, oh hell how much? I looked over the bill which was in Thai by the way, and forked over the Baht. I would say cash but when in Thailand. Nicole smiled, the mechanic smiled, I smiled and the day was still bright and hot and we were going to go see the big Buddha! I looked at the scooter repairs as a cost that would have been paid in one fashion or another. To go to big Buddha it was either take Nicole's scooter, rent a tuk tuk, rent a car, rent a taxi or just not go. The last idea was not feasible as I wanted to see the Buddha and it seemed that Nicole did to. Besides doing it any other way would have cost just as much if not more and this way I knew that Nicole's scooter was good to go for a while. Ok, can we go now? A quick nod of Nicole's head and off we headed with both of my arms around Nicole's waist, for safety you know. About fourty five minutes later we started the climb up the mountain to the base of the Buddha. About midway up Nicole stopped and we looked at the view that stretched out before us. Camera in hand I snapped away. Nicole posed on a rock and I took a couple of quick pics of her and then it was back onto the scooter and off to the top. Later I woul look at those pics and find that one of the pics became one of my favorites that grace my desk in my office. Arriving at the top we parked our trusty stead with its new tires, tire alignment, never knew you aligned tires on a scooter, oil change, lube and almost full tank of gas and walked up to the entrance. Now Nicole explained to me that we could ask the monks to say a blessing for us that would allow us to find each other in the after life. The cost 500 baht. Look, I look at it as a charitable donation and if we do get to see each other again after all of this ends, I'll plunk down the 500. Monies paid blessing received on to the next station to get fleeced. Now this station allowed you to buy a piece of the statute material that was to be put in place. The stautue is covered in marble and each piece is shaped for the mold that it is going to be glued to. We were able to sign the back of the marble piece and it would be used on the Buddha. But what I noticed after I gave the pen and the piece to Nicole, she signed her true name, my name and an arrow pointing back and forth between our two names. In my estimation, some thing was going on here. I was not sure what but I felt Nicole's hand find mine and she held it tightly. I looked at her and she seemed very happy. That was good enough for me. As you know, I am pretty happy because I did wake up today! But it is 12:05 AM and I need to get some sleep. Big day tomorrow, big big day! Have to wake up and get the grass mowed! It is either mow the lawn or buy sheep! Mowing is cheaper!
  13. Pink balls?! Pink balls. I wear pink shirts and pink ties but I have never bowled wih a pink bowling ball! Well, like I said at the begining of this trip report I was in for a lot of firsts. Now when I was a kid I grew up in Los Angles, Glendale and Burbank California. My Mom and I moved several times when I was young until my stepfather entered the picture. Our last move was to a small street in Glendale California where my Mother and Stepfather bought a little two bedroom house. I still look at it some times on Google Earth and if you put in 1304 Aristo Street, Glendale California you can see the house. It is the one with the big circle of grass in the back yard as the rest of the backyard is concrete. Now you may ask what does this have to do with bowling and this trip report , well you see my Stepfather was an avid bowler. Had a three hundred ring and trophies as he competed every week in leagues in the area. Unfortunately I was to young to stay home alone so my mother draged me to this leagues sveral times a week. I liked the game of bowling itself but hated being dragged to the various alleys to watch my Stepfather bowl. The upside of this was that all the managers knew me so I could get free time on the alleys to practice. I had the run of the alleys and was able to see the intermost workings of the machines from behind the walls after the pins were knocked down and reset. Those were fun times. Bowling and playing around with the staff that were stilled called pin setters back then in the 60's who maintained the machines and fixed the problems as they happened. Now my first ball was a black ten pound ball which my Stepfather had my name" Johnnie engraved into it." As my Stepfather would work and I had school the only time I had was after school and the weekends to practice. My Stepfather and I would go bowling after his Saturday laundry run as his job was to pick up and drop off people's laundry. Even today I have to say that his route was pretty cool as he delivered and picked up from several movie stars homes as his runs were all set in the movie star area of Glendale, Burbank and Los Angeles California. He would pick up and drop off at actress Della Street who played the secretary on Perry Mason and my friend Angela who lived accross the street from me was the stand in for the actress who played Wednesday on the The Addams Family. I knew a lot of his Clients back then and I thought it was pretty cool that he would take me on his Saturday route. I would ride on the engine compartment of the econline van as there was no passenger seat and no seatbelts for that matter. We would do his route and then have lunch after he checked out. Then it was off to Riverside bowling alley, that is still there, to bowel the afternoon away. The problem, no matter how hard I tried I was never able to get the hang of the way to spin the ball and so to this day I always try to throw the ball straight down the lane and hit the pins. Since there were no bumpers back then I threw a lot of gutter balls until I got the knack of throwing the ball straight. Till this day, this is still how I bowl. So here I am in the bowling alley at Jungceylon with a pink bowling ball in my hand trying not to make a fool of myself and hoped that I could hit the pins and not throw gutter balls. I lost very badly to Nicole in the first game but almost tied the second before she beat me badly in the third. My peak seemed to be in the second and then it was a backward slide in the third. The funny thing was that I just did not care! Nicole and I were together and we were both laughing and carrying on the whole time we were bowling! Tthe computer kept score and I just watched as it tallied the scores along with cute cartoons that it would do for strikes and spares and, god forbid, open frames. Recently, Jimbo comented on how valibule Nicole is to the Cocktails and Dreams bar because of the way she treats the customers. To say she treated me well is the understatement of the century! We would laugh at most everything going on while we bowled. The ball would come back and it was time for a laugh and a minor celebration! I actually hit some pins, time for a minor celebration, I didn't throw a gutter ball, minor celebration, I was using a pink bowling ball, minor celebration, the waitress brought us food and drinks, minor celbration. To say the least Nicole and I had a minor celebration with me putting my bowling shoes on! It was a great time and eventhough I do not have any pictures, in my mind, bowling happened just yesterday and is as clear to me today as if it just happend instead of four months ago. I think what made it so memorible was Nicole. By then she had captured my heart and I would have walkedover red hot coals to get to her! But there seemed more between the two of us. Our would be laughing and look into each others eyes and it was like instant communication, the sharing of a secret only we knew. And the electricity! I needed to be fully insulated from her touch as it was like electicity coursing between the two of us. No this went way beyond keeping the customer happy, Nicole and I shared something and it was truly wonderful! After bowling we checked out what was playing at the movie theater but Nicole did not want to see a movie that night so it was a slow walk back to the Yorkshire and down to the pool! Towel card presented, room key in hand and the pool attendant was very happy with me. Nicole and I swam together and would hold each other and then we would swim away. It felt like I was in a movie and noboby was yelling cut! Believe me, In pictures, Nicole looks beautiful but they don't convey the rest of her beauty! The pictures, even though she is beatiful in them do not compare to the real thing! There were several guys swimming that would just openly stare at her. Believe me, I know the feeling as it took several hours before I was confortable just looking at her! It was time to hit the showers and head over to HQ. Yes the little bar that has the most beautiful women in it. Time to start another tab. Time for Nicole to gossip with her friends. Me, I had my camera fully charged and the picture taking commenced. The drinks flowed and lots of pictures were taken. Nicole and I closed the bar and went looking for something to eat. Fish was on the menu and that is what we had. After a slow walk back to the hotel with me holding Nicole's hand our evening came to a close. Showers, music videos and romance. I could not have described a more wonderful day. Shades drawn, god please, no workmen to wake us up and I slowly drifted of to sleep holding this wonderful woman. Good night all! Here is a quick video I found of the bowling alleys at Jungceylon by Mater Blaster on Youtube.
  14. Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery and breaking my mind! Do this don't do that can't you read the sign? Oh a little early 70's lyrics there but I think the girls holding the signs are great!
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