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    I reckon some bars have non-aggression pacts. I won't be taking any bets! Nothing against Sweethearts but I wouldn't be going to their party even if it was on a different night. If a bar is having a party it doesn't affect my decision to go there too much although i am somewhat less likely to go on a party night. Furthermore, I have little interest in going to any of the ladyboy bars in town but occasionally I'll get dragged to bars by my mates, which is fine for an occasional night out. Some would say, "when in Sodom, do as the Sodomites do". But if I'm not going to interact with the staff then I might as well be in the Beer Garden or at a sports bar with the added bonus that I am not disappointing ladies by not buying them a drink. But Stoolie's get together and Teya's bash are both exceptions that I am looking forward to.
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    I was a bit disappointed ( for Emmy ) when I was told about a party on the same night as ours , I am not really a party person but any time spent with Dao is a bonus so party time it is . Hope to see as many guys there as we can , even if its just a drop in and gone again . I will be organizing a baht bus from Zaza Massage to Katty Bar , leaving at 8.00 PM who ever wants to come along.
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    I went into Bangkok on a one way ticket in October of 2017. Went home from there in May of 2018. Do not recall but I MIGHT have had my flight to KL booked before I headed out. But that was in December so likely I did 2 months in Thailand (get the extension on the month stay). This last time in December of last year I got TONS of shit from some no joke minion about how I was not using "proper way of staying". He had gone back 4 or more years in the passport and looked at all the stamps and decided this based on current regs. I was the LAST ONE from my plane to get away. My suitcase sat on the floor next to the baggage carousel, alone with no one near the area. Was NOT happy about this. Near as I can tell they do NOT want people using the FREE month on entry if they can hassle them into getting visa before they come (which the guy heavily implied was the only "proper" way). No telling if crap like this led to flak that led to no joke being removed. I would hope so, but probably not. We'll see what the crap quotient is next time I fly in.
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    some of you may be aware that one of the Soi Buck Mafia bar owners has organised a party on the same night as Stoolpusher's bash at the Katty Bar. Quite sad really especially as dates adjacent to the 1st Dec.were blank as far as parties go. yes...i know there are no rules or obligations... but please guys, try to pop along to say bye-bye to SP.
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    Welcome to the bar with the most beautiful Ladyboys in Jomtien Beach. At katty bar and room for rent on jomtien beach road soi4 Thank You very much Bumblebee for picture. Emmy
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    I certainly won't be taking any bets Not with the ladyboy establishments that do advertise their bars on LB fora.... i.e. the likes of Delirious, Sweethearts, New Bar, Katoey's 'R' Us, 69 Bar, Sensations, Hunny Bunny Bar and Baby Boom And those that don't like TJ's, La Bamba, Nightingale, Lita's, Duangjai, and Fantasy Lounge for example. So it's going to impossible for Parties not to 'clash' coming up to the New Year period. I am sure Teya will have a good party as she seems a popular girl, but people will go to the places where they choose too at the end of the day.
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    According to someone on PA it was originally financed by her partner, a German guy, who died.
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    I'll be there. Where is the other party by the way?
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    it's nice to see TJs still doing well after recent ownership changes... must admit i had my doubts at the time... but well done Em. one of the great bars.
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