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    Being a greedy heavy drinker of mango pan by day ( i usually eat only at night in bkk ) .I would say the taste of mango The smell mixed to the " stink " of Thai food markets ( a perfume better than Chanel 5 to me ) is not reproducible in any other country Also aloe Vera soft drink I have another idea in my mind...but let's keep the conversation polite
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    Just quick warning on a very nasty drug fucked lb I had misfortune of inviting to my looom pic included . Scam goes like this. Very nice polite on TF with prompt reply’s accepts 1000 Bt for St Cones room demands money first and starts going crazy. I payed her and she left. Better to get rid of this dog than be bothered fighting and call cops. Under no circumstances have anything to do with her cheers donnnnnny . It’s TF isPppoy69
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    The only thing you need to read about THE REAL John McCain. https://blackagendareport.com/manufactured-mccain-lifting-bloodstained-lying-venal-servant-capitalist-empire
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    That’s nothing, I heard of a guy from Belfast who hid Nancy’s cock up his ass while sober.
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    So, recent developments in Malaysia I would be extremely careful there picking up LBs, due to upcoming elections the regime there is cracking down and reminding everybody it's illegal. Months before elections it's always dangerous to flaunt the law where the press can take your pic and regime will have to make you an example .
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    6 minute video https://de.xhamster.com/videos/ladyboy-nookkei-fuck-pussy-7749798
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