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  1. 2 of the 3 owners of Sweethearts are staying. The other has pulled out. There is a sexual connotation for that, but cant think of the term!.
  2. Despite what is said there, you can bet that the Baht will still stay at a level which defies reason. The AUD is about where it has been for a while now compared to the USD, around 73-74 cents, but compared to baht we are still around 23. Just crazy!. Shouldn't the AUD be about 25 to 26 baht???. When I first visited in late 2015 it was about 24, so has hardly moved. A very strange situation. One wonders what is propping up the baht?. Currency values appear to be a mystery to those outside the speculators circle.
  3. Hi SB, I am guessing you live in Merica or were born there?. You may have missed the sarcasm in my comment!.
  4. That sign at the door takes all the fun away. No guns???. What is the world coming to?.
  5. I think the blue pill lost its effect after about 12 seconds!
  6. Woodie


    Just on a side note. What do you think the girls either side of the guy are there for?. Security? To make sure he does not get away? They have asked for money for the sick buffalo?. Mother is sick?. Need money for rent?. The list goes on. They certainly dont look as though they are going to let him go away on his own!. I wonder why he owes them money?.
  7. Woodie


    That is weird!. Did she not look up and see the CCTV camera?. Also could have saved us some pain by wearing the shirt the whole time!.
  8. Maybe he was or is, but it does not make his behaviour excusable!. A plonker!.
  9. To sum it up. The black guy is an utter plonker!. The other guy should have just walked out of the store and waited until aforesaid plonker has left. The plonkers vocab amounted to stating that the other guy was old and useless. Had no business being on the planet. Then stated that he himself had retired at 25 and did not work. I would assume that he had his lackies to run the drug deals for him!. Gee, that might be type casting?.
  10. Take TJ’s UberDiva Lily or soi 8 Big Cock Ploy: Without PY they would be just a couple more of Pattaya's well-kept secrets for a few mongers in-the-know. Thanks to An interesting observation on Lily's Twitter feed and it may be blasphemy. I know she has a large following here on LBR, but on Twitter her like or love numbers are not in general as large as some of the other popular ones. Just an observation. I think popularity re lb's can be likened to anything on the popularity scale. As those numbers increase it drags in more to the fold.
  11. This crazy Thai baht. With all that is going on over there, I still only get 23.5. It just does not seem to change!!.
  12. Thanks for the ramble. Still think Manfred did it better!!!. Dylan had sort of a cult following which sort of drowns out any ability to hear the better version.
  13. Far and away Manfred was the better one!.
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