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  1. This clip is something Stoolpusher would be interested in!.
  2. Had my jab today. Hope it works?. 2nd one in 3 months from now.
  3. I just have to point out that he is under my guidance and instruction, so he should succeed!!.
  4. I don't agree with you and Rom about lb pricing soon being on a par with Western lbs. That will only happen if a lot of stars align. Eg, the powers that be in Thailand allow the lower classes to improve their standing. Why would they?. It keeps them down!. Lb prices will only increase dramatically if we as the customers pay stupid prices. Guys going around precovid throwing 3 or 4000 baht for a short time just to show that they are 2 week bigshots!. I bet now, that you could get the best for less than 1500. Things change and we as customers are the controlling force. If we resist the urge to s
  5. I am sure that is true. I think the impression that some Thai guys give is that the girls are the breadwinners.
  6. Just had it from good sources that a lb from central Pattaya has come down with covid. Being young and reasonably fit I would hope it is not serious.
  7. Woodie


    I think I know my limitations!!!.
  8. No, I wasn't missing that. The number of Thai lbs is very small as a proportion of the population in my reckoning and I think does not make up the imbalance of numbers. Have a look at the numbers of Thai gg's climbing the stairs to the nightclubs, then try and pick out the Thai guys. Way out of whack!. Maybe the girls are smarter and earn more money,(however they earn their money. Maybe on their backs), which allows them to go out and leave their siblings at home?.
  9. I am by no means an expert. I can only comment on what I have seen and observed over the past 5 and a bit years. Think it is taken that the majority of "working"girls come from Isaan. I am sure there are some from other areas as well. I dont think the hierarchy have any interest is fostering higher education in those areas. It is a source of cheap labour!. Many in power would appear to control a large number of businesses that need cheap labour. The "Bosses" have no need to educate those workers. We humans are all the same. WE want to foster what benefits us the most. It would appear
  10. No, I pronounce it Pat-te-ya
  11. Sorry, could not stand the guys accent!!!
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