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  1. Have a look at cam4.com , It was a good site a few years ago and similar to Chaturbate
  2. So how is the live stream going ? are you getting many drinks out of it ?
  3. Thanks BB , I am finding it all very interesting and all the locals are keen to show me new things and a different way of doing things with the tools and equipment they have used for probably hundreds of years
  4. Thanks guys it was good to do and to see the results at the finish. It was getting a bit close to running out of water and then the rains came so all good. The other farm is nearly ready for the usual planting, a little more work to do then wait for the big rains and we will start. The John deere tractor I bought is getting plenty of use and the list is growing of farmers wanting work done , so I have given the job to Dao's dad, my Visa dosen't permit me to earn money in the Kingdom.
  5. Well the out of season rice crop is finally finished, it was harvested today and got a decent yield from the 6 rai . All up the crop produced 4,000 kg at 6.20 baht per kg .
  6. Sounds great Rom and good to see you started early this year to . I don't know the guy but I do read his posts on the other forum to
  7. Thanks to all who have been visiting Zaza Massage , the customer flow sure is keeping all expenses paid and the girls have enough income to pay rent , food and are able to send some cash home to families. With all the cuties available in Pattaya, it must be hard and costly to visit as many as you would like so cheers for that from all of us .
  8. A huge road safety billboard has been put up at a cross intersection near home for Songkran, the problem is you have to be half way across the intersection to see around the sign before you go through
  9. you forgot cigarettes' in your list Unless all of the food you are eating is 100 % organic then falung food is no different to any other food around the world
  10. Mmmm the 3 main falung food groups fat , grease and dripping
  11. https://www.facebook.com/amarinnews/videos/1876995219148502
  12. The rent is probably only 300,000 baht per month.. I hope his new bar does well.
  13. Its used a lot up here in cooking.
  14. very cool photos... thanks for posting
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