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  1. The Thai government may have to put curfew restrictions and its meaning in a few different languages because there are obviously still morons out there that don't understand what it's all about and also have the fines harsher like cancellation of visa or more than a night in lockup
  2. Sadly Sweetheart Bar as we know it will be no more , given a facelift and changed to a GG bar . According to the other forum. They will still have the live streaming and Jimbo will be the host but all other bar stuff will be GG / go go bar action only with a name change . I do wish the owners well in the new venture.
  3. People just don't listen or just a lack of care for other people.
  4. The Australian dollar work on commodities +a moron government so our days of getting 30 baht to $1 AUS are long gone sady . I do hope the TB revovers as tourists and trade get back to normal. Thanks for posting Mr.P , that was an interesting read.
  5. Way to much money for strikers all though the rent would silly money where it is .
  6. I have checked on that Mr.P , unfortunately I am to far away to fit the criteria and it would not be free by the time I get to bkk ,hotel and back here again I have registered for the Pfizer but have not heard if I need to travel to Udon or maybe Konkean Thanks for posting the updates
  7. do you get your own bathroom
  8. I use dtac for 1 of my sims ( call only ) , the downside is they and any other company don't work very well out here . I use AIS for my wifi and it works the same , not bad enough to rip a store apart
  9. stoolpusher


    Thanks Big T .
  10. stoolpusher


    Well the plague has hit very close to home . 2 days ago 2 family members came from bkk to do the customary 2 weeks stay at our little cottage our farm , yesterday they were taken to Tha Bo hospital with suspected Covid 19 . The results are , both have covid and will spend the next to weeks in ICU . Apparently a hazmat team will go to the farm and fumigate our cottage and surrounding areas , I do wish the couple a speedy recovery but am a little pissed off they bought covid with them . The lady had 1 shot already but her husband has not .
  11. How would any of us know what he does , he may teach in a gym and could be a drug dealer , regardless what he is into as Woody said its inexcusable behavior
  12. wouldn't be a shame if he catches the plague
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