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  1. I think Scott is one of the good ones. Met him a few times for a chat and a beer (In the old Sensations, I didn't like the indoor bar). He even invited my to a volleyball training at Jomtien on a dry day. Wasn't dry at all and I was charged nil. I just left a tip for the girls. Jimbo is a grumpy old fucker and I know him from his old Phuket days. Hard outer shell but soft like an oyster inside. I like him. Kendo I met only a brief time on a taxi ride. Can't comment. T.
  2. lol. I remember these times in the mid 90ties when I bought an insanely expensive SCSI flatbed scanner to digitize all my photos. The SoaB needed three scans to capture a pic, one scan for red, one for blue, one for green. Took aabout 10 min per photo. After 20 or so I gave up. Ernesto must be a very patient man with lots of time on his hands..
  3. Thanks for the well-wishing guys, but honeymoon is postponed until after this corona bullshit is over. Rom, thanks for your kind words. And the drawing. Also thanks for not to mention my badly knitted tie. :)
  4. There is no third wave, nor was there a second wave. Because of increased and unnessessarly testing eyeryone they artifically increase the infection rate. The Flu 2017/2019 was much more lethal the this corona bullshit and nobody cared.. There must be a deeper agenda behind it. Texas and Florida lifted all Corona restictions. What happened? Nothimg! They're well withinn the infection rate of the other states with lockwn and face masks. Don't believe me, check yourself . https://usafacts.org/visualizations/coronavirus-covid-19-spread-map/state/texas
  5. Thanks for this extensive post QG. You made me change my mind. Not worth the hassle for a one week trip.
  6. Cuba by normang ยป Wed 6. Jan 2021, 19:09 According to the RKI (Robert Koch Unstitute), DoDC and WHO Cuba is not on the Corona shit list. I still have 20 days annual leave left over from 2020 and I will lose them on 31. Marc, if not taken. I week in Cuba would cost me 799 Euros, hotel, breakfast dinner, and the airfare of course. Now I have to make up my mind. I fear that they change the requirements as quickly as I change my underwar. What would you recommend. I don't speak spanish so that's another stumbling block. Thanks.
  7. The LB I see on a regular basis turns 41 in December. Great rack, no booze or dope, and most importantly, I can talk about stuff with her happening outside of Thailand. She even knows the Capital cities of Mongolia and Australia. Most of my local friends fail here.
  8. Duncan


    Right to the ponit. Fully agree. Let nature do it's run. Mankind lives here for 100, maybe 200 thousand years and has survived worse than that. We're still here. And probably will for a few another 100 thousand years unless sombody pushes the red button. Seriously, I do think there is a political agenda behind it. I just didn't figure out what their goal is. Yet.
  9. Good luck with that. I think it'd be a good idea to look at a nice vacation place in the UK. Northern Scotland is very nice. 2020 is done for international travel IMHO.
  10. Duncan

    Pet Peeves

    Oh. Dixon Cox changed his preferred platform. How did that come about?
  11. In the first video there isn't the Ape man starring. Another hairy dude but not the Apeman. IMHO
  12. Christ, the black one is a stunner.
  13. Duncan


    I wouldn't say fuck China. There are many Chinese who fight to stop this barbaric practice. Better say fuck dog, cat and bat eaters no matter what nationality they may have. Believe it or not, there is a active dogeater scene still going on in Swizerland.
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