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  1. Whatever nationalities involved, there wasn't a great deal of social distancing in the back of the police pickup.
  2. I gave you a like, BigTel, for highlighting the situation, but obviously not a like for the situation. Yes, Ms Yao really did sum it up well. I'm sure the government officials do not have to worry when it comes to meal times. It is the knee-jerk reactions; the apparent vague planning for the future that faces the restaurants and entertainment venues. I really do feel for all those caught up in these difficult times.
  3. Yes, l guess it's something. But in the meantime us oldies living in the wilds outside of greater Bkk must make do with masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing and staying home as much as possible. My local hospital, which has my details, gave me a blank look when l enquired. Aah well ...
  4. cobber32


    Bloody hell, SP. At least they stayed at your "farmhouse" and not your actual house. Best wishes to them, and to you and Dao also, of course. As BigTel said, borders or boundaries count for nothing with covid.
  5. I was going to post something about black lives matter, but some people are easily offended. I'll go with your comment, SP.
  6. Ffs, Rom. Read the thread title again. We all have opinions; we sometimes disagree with posts, but we all have some reason for posting, and replying to posts. And you don't have the exclusive rights to be the authority on everything. The forum lives because of it's members.
  7. I can only agree with you, duke. Sure, not everyone likes everyone, but why drag a post from another forum onto this one. If you want to get stuck in about it, go onto that forum. And it's not just a Brit thing. I'm an Aussie (ok, open to insults I suppose) but I've spent time with soidog and, like you, I'd be happy to do so again. So let's enjoy what this forum has to offer, and let any other forum do it's thing.
  8. I got some badges. Wow. One year in (and I joined quite a few years ago). I have to say I'm not pissed off, nor am I wildly excited. I remember Siam Sam saying, when he got the "cockstar" award ..... "my mother will be so pleased" or words to that effect.
  9. I had a similar encounter at a hospital in Samut Prakan years ago. As l hobbled out of the car, an orderly saw me from across the car park, shouted to me to stay there, and rushed over with a wheelchair. Gout is a pain, and no joke! But great service, and saw a doctor in a matter of minutes.
  10. I've just had it explained to me that a Tom, even identifying as a man, uses the ladies' toilet (mostly) for safety reasons - doesn't want to risk it in the mens' room. Also, many still have their periods and feel more comfortable in the ladies. On a separate note, I was drinking with a ladyboy at an alco-cart in Bangkok one night, and had to go to the toilet. I left my umbrella as security, and we walked the short distance to the Shell servo (gas station for non-Aussies). I went into the gents and she went into the ladies. She said afterwards as we went back to the cart that she should've come in with me to "keep an eye on me". Maybe she was worried that I wouldn't pay the bill, or that my 60 baht umbrella wasn't security enough.
  11. I read the article in Bangkok Post as well. But it was your "karaoke" comment (just in case you want to have a sing as well) that cracked me up. I know I have a warped sense of humour - and I was trying to picture the scene .... You made my day.
  12. I find it hard to believe that this wasn't a put up job. Aren't the governor and the PM on the same team? (and I'm not talking about two Grimsby Town players' on field head butting). Maybe done to "prove" something? Then in a later Bangkok Post article a police spokesman said police couldn't arrest every mask violator. Sadly the covid drama rolls on.
  13. I'm buggered (so to speak) in as much as I must have an Australian bank account to get my army super. Then I do an "international money transfer" on the internet from that bank to my Thai bank. If I do it around 10.00 pm, it is in my Thai account by lunchtime. The Aust bank charges me $6.00 to send around $1,000.00. However somewhere before the money hits my Thai account a further fee - anything up to 620 baht - has come out. Such is life.
  14. cobber32

    Covid Cupid

    Who was it saying that, because the birth-rate had dropped, dating was to be encouraged, and couples should have more babies? You can't have it both ways, unless there's some new technology I've missed Happy non-sexual Valentine's Day!
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