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What Establishment has the MOST AGGRESSIVE 2-Holers?


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which establishment has the most aggressive Ladyboys?


I am referring to the ladies outside trying to drag you in, and inside trying to ”Up Sell” you, and then after the deed is done trying to get you out the door?

LBS that will man handle you and drag you into the establishment against your frail attempts to escape. Or have their hands in your pants to get you hard so you can buy drinks and buy them out.....etc...

Streetwalkers don't count. They need to be tied to a bar or massage parlor or whatever business location.


And I am talking traditionally over the past decade or so......establishments over the past 2 years have shuttered and changed names so recent events don't really count.



I am going to go with these three:


1. Wii Massage on Sukhimvit, BKK

Amazonian babes with Baritone voices cackling bypassers and trying to pull in the familiar and unfamiliar customer. Day time or night time....Wii babes are there to make cash and Sulhimvit has the most ”Walking ATM” traffic. 

A customer could go next door and buy condoms from ”LB Pharmacy” which is the real name of the pharmacy beside Wii.... dirty mattresses in tiny rooms set up for massage....as well as anal rape.

These girls flirted between being affiliated with Wii, street walking, or meth rehab (the latter is an exaggeration..... I've seen way way worse....especially amongst freelancers).


2. Casanova in Nana, BKK

Amazonian Big Cocks and the Original LB bar in Nana. Pound per Pound.....Casanova LBS had the biggest cocks in Bangkok (obviously some of the neighboring bars with 40 LBS on rotation is going to have more but cannot beat Casanovas on a per capita basis). My first anal penetration was by an overly exuberant Talisha without my consent..........and several years ago I walked in there after it had shut down, and almost got raped by the last remaining Amazon. She WAS SUPER HORNY, held my wrists and refused my exit. It was The Sith“s #metoo moment. HOT!


3. Baby Boom on soi Baby Boom, Pattaya.


HOLY SHIT! My first visit to Baby Boom and my cock was in Donuts mouth before my first Jack n' Coke had landed on my table. Five minutes from entry....to fly open.... and cock being sucked. RESPECT!!!






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I forgot to add honorable mention to Soi Crocodile.... although things have all changed over the years in Phuket (even prior to Covid), I remember some super aggressive LBs.

I just am not that familiar with the Bangla Rd. scene to rate which establishment had the most aggressive LBS.

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