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  1. It’s always nice when the Irish shutterbug is in the Kingdom. Great shots BB. Looking forward to more.
  2. The Donald is unhinged. I hope the impeachment inquiry keeps him off balance and causes him to shoot his mouth off, and continue to incriminate himself.
  3. June from Bangkok will be one of the contestants.
  4. It's a a bikini beauty competition, and there will be judges.
  5. This will be fun. I heard that Lilly from 3 Angels will be participating.
  6. This is a great read.
  7. It’s my pleasure to be working with Aprilbr to organize the Ladyboy Party and Charity Week this year. I’m confident it will be a fun week and that we will be able to raise a significant amount of money for charity. Our goal is to raise 200,000 Baht. While the specific charities have not yet been chosen, we do believe that all of the money raised should be donated to organizations or efforts that work to prevent and treat sexually transmitted diseases, and/or towards efforts that will benefit transgender people in Thailand in a meaningful way. We will announce the specific organizations in the coming months. With the sponsorship fees that have been promised by the participating bars thus far, we will raise 75,000 Baht. Here is a breakdown: Why Not Bar - 5,000 Check-In Bar - 5,000 TJ’s Music Bar - 10,000 69 Bar - 10,000 Surprise Yourself 10,000 Katoeys ‘Are’ Us 25,000 The Roof 10,000 TOTAL 75,000 Baht In addition to the sponsorship pledges, which will be collected two months before the party week, the sponsoring bars have agreed to make at least a modest effort to raise additional money during their parties through donation boxes or any other means they choose. With the pledges received by BMs on the Pattaya Ladyboy Forum, we already have 120,000 Baht pledged. We will need board members to step up and make individual pledges to reach our goal. Aprilbr will keep a record of individual pledges made by BMs here on this thread. Or if you prefer, send either one of us a PM and will make a note of your pledge. We promise not to pester, harass, annoy or browbeat you. We will arrange a date and place to collect pledges from board members in Pattaya during the week of festivities, and receipts will be issued. We can also make arrangements to receive donations from BMs who wish to submit them via PayPal if necessary.  Thanks for your support guys. The goal for the Ladyboy Party and Charity Week next November is to have fun and raise some money for charity. Pledge whatever you are comfortable with.
  8. I’m beginning to think you might be right, Arch. I love Bernie but I suspect Biden will be the strongest candidate. It’s far too early to tell at this point.
  9. Katy Bar is my favorite in Pattaya and Why Not is my favorite in Bangkok. Katty Bar is very relaxed with no loud music or pushy girls. Nice talent there too. Teya is a dish. I like Baby Boom for some late night action. Especially like it when it’s empty of customers and I have the pick of the lot for some hands on filthy action in a dark corner. Lol
  10. Meant to write LT. it was a long time
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