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  1. Great pictures @poesface. I heard you had a great turnout for your birthday party. Congratulations to you and Empress Nam for your bar’s success. So sorry I wasn’t able to visit Why Not this trip.
  2. You are not the only person to have had such an experience, Woodie, and you absolutely did the right thing by not being bothered to say anything. People who behave as you described are not worth it. A quote from a book I used in my former career as a high school English teacher seems appropriate here:
  3. Mona has competition. Palmy is fine. Hmm, I wonder what a threesome with Mona and Palmy would be like. . . and how much it would cost.
  4. Cheers. It would appear her name is “Snack.”
  5. Good lord, she has some fine legs and other assets. She must be one of the new batch of talent at KRU. I don’t expect you remember her name, @bumblebee. Did you take notes?
  6. My pleasure, Herbert. The gurls took good care of me and showed me a great time. My wallet suffered, however, but worth every baht. Cheers, Pdoggg. Being single does have it’s advantages.
  7. Lots of fine talent at Katoeys’R’ Us, the finest in Pattaya at the moment, but Delirious is catching up. Unfortunately for me, the waters at KRU are tainted for the remainder of this trip due to complications arising from violations of the 3 day rule, with two gurls. Still making dumb mistakes after all these years.
  8. I have had the most fun at Delirious Bar than any other LB venue I have visited this trip, which began 15 Sept. Best value for my baht. The baht-fun ratio @Delirious Bar has been the most favorable for me.
  9. I had an awful night of heavy drinking, excessive groping, occasional cock flashing, and inappropriate neck biting/sucking, with a few of the Delirious gurls last night. Dreadful bar; too many happy people and sexy ladyboys. I took home the tall, demure and lovely Dao for a splendid LT, which will continue as soon as she wakes.
  10. Absolutely great vibe at Delirious last night; the drinks were flowing, and the girls were dancing on the tables and acting slutty.
  11. Goddammit, Duke! She was on my list. Now I’m gonna have to wait so your DNA is well gone before I indulge. Cunt!
  12. I noticed dozens of surprisingly hot LBs on a walk along Beach Road last Monday night. More than I have ever seen, and it was fairly early; around 9:30 PM. The LBs outnumbered the GGs from Soi 13/1 to Walking Street.
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