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  1. I’m beginning to think you might be right, Arch. I love Bernie but I suspect Biden will be the strongest candidate. It’s far too early to tell at this point.
  2. Katy Bar is my favorite in Pattaya and Why Not is my favorite in Bangkok. Katty Bar is very relaxed with no loud music or pushy girls. Nice talent there too. Teya is a dish. I like Baby Boom for some late night action. Especially like it when it’s empty of customers and I have the pick of the lot for some hands on filthy action in a dark corner. Lol
  3. Meant to write LT. it was a long time
  4. I have hear several disturbing stories about Beam from reliable sources. I will steer very clear of her. Once you go with her, you can forget about going with other girls in CIB without drama from her. She owns you. Heard she drugged a guy. Hear she took pics of guy while sleeping during a ST and attempted to extort him. In short, she’s a gangster.
  5. He will be the next president of the United States.
  6. Teya is an absolute delight. Great pics, Bumblebee!
  7. Hail to the Assclown. Trump is now the president of the United States. Everybody ready for some facism?
  8. Manning was given an excessive sentence of 35 years (a death sentence) because of the publicity of the case and the wikileaks connection. The punishment did not fit the crime. This is why Obama was justified in granting her clemency. It's an added benefit that the clemency is pissing off right wing assholes who support Trump.
  9. I'm happy Obama granted clemency to Manning because it is pissing off knuckle-dragging conservative assholes.
  10. This is going to get some knickers in a twist; the FOX non-News muppets and knuckle-draggers will no doubt be spouting off soon. And Trump will no doubt be tweeting as well . Way to go Obama!
  11. During my visits to Chiang Mai, I only stayed near the Chiang Mai and Tha Phae gates. I preferred the Chiang Mai gate. It was a little less touristy than the Tha Phae Gate. I stayed at the Smith Residence. They have cheap rooms on the lower floors, decent wi-fi and a small rooftop pool. It was LB friendly when I stayed there. Lots of cheap eats and coffee shops nearby, and a short walk to Chiang Mai Gate Food Market where you will have a wide selection of good cheap food. I found a little place way in the back of the market with decent soups for about 40 baht. There's also a Tesco Express right next door to the entrance to the food market. Never took a baht bus or used a tuk tuk when there because I rented a scooter. Baht buses are best value and all over the place but I have no idea about the routes. Heard nothing but bad things about the tuk tuks. I believe the short trips start at 100 baht. Nimman is a nice neighborhood with a mostly younger crowd of university students, digital nomads, and a sprinkling of backpackers. Most of the backpackers stay around the Old City. Pretty sure there are some reasonably priced accommodations in the Nimman area, too.
  12. Bunch of wankers. I could only stomach the first seven minutes before I stopped watching.
  13. The best relaxing bar IMHO is Hideaway Guesthouse and Bar. They only have a few food items but it's a very laid back place to relax for a few drinks with friends and/or dates. Andy, the owner, and all of the staff are friendly and hospitable. They make great espresso drinks too.
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