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  1. Yep. Who the heck knows how bad things really are in China.
  2. I am no fan of the Chinese government. It’s essentially totalitarian. Right-wing Trumpsters and other misguided nationalist meatheads are gleefully seizing this opportunity to consume and regurgitate the misguided and misinformed reactionary nonsense coming from the US and continental alt-right media machine/industry.. This is unfortunate but hardly surprising, coming from those who seek their news and information from sources which confirm their biases and prejudices. Speaking of China, I have done some international teaching in the not too distant past and I am still a member of several international teaching job sites. I have received several dozen emails over the past few weeks from schools in China desperate to fill vacancies In China. Thanks but no thanks.
  3. I don’t believe anything from the Chinese government. I’m sure the situation in China is worse than what they claim.
  4. You do realize that the Washington Examiner is a political digital tabloid? It is hardly a reliable source of factual news. Its target audience are politically conservatives who gobble up conspiracy theories
  5. I don’t know, Arch. From my perspective, it’s the political conservatives more concerned with corporate profits and the re-election of Trump next November who are beginning to use the talking point that the ‘cure may be worse than the disease.’ I think that is incredibly irresponsible and selfish. More deaths will occur, particularly those over 60 and those with compromised health, if we don’t drastically slow the infection rate. The situation is dire. Europe is being ravaged. Look at the death rates in Italy, Spain, etc. Britain just went on lockdown. It looks like we will see a spike in deaths in New York City in a week or two when their capacity to test and treat those afflicted will soon be overwhelmed. I suspect Trump’s strategy in dealing with this crisis is far more oriented toward political outcomes than with what’s best for long term public health and the economy.
  6. The World Health Organization is issuing daily situation reports. Here’s the link: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports
  7. Yeah, I don’t get the toilet paper thing. I went to the market only for food items. I also stocked up on cigarettes.
  8. Meanwhile in Florida, about 25 confirmed cases reported thus far. Preparing for the apparent worst to come, I went to the market to stock up on food and other essentials. At 10 am the market was packed. The anxiety and urgency was palpable. People where I live are beginning to panic. The market was out of powdered milk, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and many other items. Market workers were scrambling to restock the shelves. I filled two shopping carts and spent $350, mostly on meat and non-perishables like rice, beans and assorted canned goods. Probably an overreaction, but better to be safe than sorry, as they say. I’ll be going back tomorrow morning.
  9. I hope a news reporter asks Trump if he has been tested yet, and how many test kits are available to the White House and Congress.
  10. Sunny is looking good. Reminded me of this oldie:
  11. Very true, BB. I recall being quite surprised at how many bigots there are in our little community when I began doing ladyboy forums and visiting Thailand six years ago. One has to wonder how these gentlemen rationalize their beliefs and sentiments toward non-Caucasian people. Ironically, some of them maintain very dark tans, so much so that they could easily be mistaken for being non-white themselves.
  12. How on earth does one “disinfect” Pattaya and Soi 6?
  13. Lily is of one the most enjoyable companions I have had whilst visiting Pattaya. I had the pleasure of her company just after she started at TJs, pre bolt-ons. She spent a few wonderful days with me in Bangkok. We did have a domestic after I had the audacity to BF one of her colleagues, however, so there were no repeats unfortunately. Have to say I don’t think the silicone she has added to her hips and buttocks have been an improvement.
  14. Lots of great talent at CIB. Too bad it’s probably the most expensive LB bar in Thailand for drinks and barfines.
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