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  1. I didn’t know this one. I suck at 20th Century presidents.
  2. I was able to remember the name of one of the authors. Tough question.
  3. Would you believe me if I told you I got this one too? It helps being a high school history teacher.
  4. Act like a cunt and you get treated like a cunt. He’s lucky that’s all he got with an attitude like that.
  5. Yeah, I’m a Yank, a land where many of us could stand to lose a few dozen kilos. While it’s true a few of the gurls are plump, it looks to me like many of them could do with some extra calories. Not to worry, I’ve been informed Aitch and Streetwalker are gonna host a pig roast at TJ’s. Streetwalker will be organizing a charity fundraiser to pay for it.
  6. Great pics, Aitch. Gotta say, though, that some of the gurls are looking a little boney. You guys should buy them something to eat next time you spend an evening (and morning) at TJ's.
  7. Um. You mean "something for the size queens", right?
  8. The sideways curve is the one I dislike the most. What the heck does one do with a wiener curved sideways?
  9. Sexy, and an adequate cock. Bonus that she doesn't have one of those oddly curved weiners.
  10. Does Ana have a big cock? Asking for a friend.
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