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Nick Jackson - The Tragic Monger

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pick_Nick.jpg.ad7a0a3e601c711c88711b97f13f1078.jpgThere once was a charismatic Aussie boatman enthusiast who moved to Phuket in the late 90s and together with his ladyboy partner put Patong Beach on the ladyboy mongering map.   They opened the town’s first mostly ladyboy-staffed bar that, at first, was just another small bar with a few ladyboys in the midst of rows and rows of small GG bars, but soon went all-ladyboy and ditched the rows to become a by-itself double-soi bar where the free mini-cabaret concept was developed in what amounted to a tribute of love from the Aussie towards the ladyboy partner who got to star in the mini-cabaret show and enjoy every night the diva adulation every ladyboy craves.  The name of that bar was Cocktails & Dreams.  The name of the diva was Ning Nong.  The name of the Aussie was Nick… Nick Jackson … Captain Nick !


Nick was one of those larger-than-life characters who instantly bonded with his C&1027556824_pic_CD2008.jpg.4032fb1885f87f6036fb58a9cd9fcdf3.jpgD patrons in playful ways that made us feel right at home.  I remember one night passing on barfining his most coveted cabaret performer who was all over me and telling Nick she had too much silicone and hormones for me and was too timebound by the cabaret shows to stay with me open-ended.  So the next night he made sure to put up a sign outside C&D just to taunt me:  “Free Range Hormone Free Ladyboys” it said.   That’s the kind of attentive guy Nick was.

But Nick’s story did not end well and remains the subject of conspiracy theories that this is not the time or place to dwell into.  Being a restless businessman-type he spread himself over several businesses (I remember a massage joint and another bar nearby) and towards the end he got heavily invested in game-fishing boat charters that he personally guided.  With so much on his shoulders, he took on as C&D partner another destined-to-become-legendary ladyboy punter (Jimbo the ranting Britt) who jointly with Ning Nong gradually took over most of the C&D daily running.  Nick must have become overwhelmed and in October 2010 he died a lonely death in a Patong guesthouse room.  According to the police, when he was found he had been dead for several days.

Nick left us just before the ladyboy scene exploded in Thailand to unprecedented levels following the popularization of ladyboy porn on the internet in the 2000s and the emergence of ladyboy mongering Boards that taught farang newbies how to get to the action.  As a result, many of today’s farang-come-lately, self-appointed ladyboy pundits don’t even know Nick existed and that it was him who made C&D into the ladyboy historic landmark it was.  But Nick did exist.  Oh yes he did!  And he was a gentleman and he was EXCELLENT.  And he will be remembered as such here at the Romscars Hall of Legends ! 

Farewell Ahoy Captain Nick !


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6 minutes ago, Pulci Gorgon said:

Well done Rom. 

Thanks & credit to you PG.  It was you who reminded me Nick was overdue in the Hall of Legends...

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