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AIS Deals and Issues

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If you are willing to change your number and live in Thailand,AIS has a pretty good internet SIM card.  They have a few Marathon Sims.  On particularly good one is for 1790 baht you have 100 GB per month of internet at a download speed of 10 Mbs.  If interested, I'd suggest going to an official AIS store such as the one in Central as opposed to the counter in Tuk Com.    There are many deals so it's confusing  such as one for the same price for yearly internet where you don't change your number but at a download speed of only 1MBs.  

AIS seems to have an issue with there Balance Transfer from phone to phone as you might get an error message that you can't transfer money from phone to phone because the Sim has not been active for 90 when your Simhas been active longer than 90 days.  At the AIS store now on the 3rd floor at Central in Pattaya they will sort it out for you. 

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do you mean a new phone number or a new Sim card PD? certainly AIS used to allow you when you bought a new Sim card from them and as long as your old number was registered in your name to have the old phone number transferred to the new sim. They do this in the shop on some magic machine thing. My Missus has had the same number for about 12 years despite sim upgrades or changes.

dunno if they still do but may be worth asking. has to be an official AIS shop.

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