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Ladyboys bars opened tonight in Vietnam

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I got the news less than 1 hour ago. Ladyboys bars will be open tonight in Vietnam. 

Vietnam had released lock down on April 30th, but non essential businesses remained closed. Vietnam had started restricting travels mid February and had started quarantines in March. They had also developed a performant testing policy. End of March, bars and restaurants were closed, and a severe lock down starting on April 1st had been ordered. Vietnam declared zero casualty of Covid19. 




Vietnamese staff bringing food in a quarantine center. 

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Bars actually open 2 days (nights later). It's been impressive since they remained empty till last week end. I hardly dare post the photo I had received after that first week end : a couple of ladyboys without make up attending an empty bar. Then, the first customer came : a Japanese guy working in Vietnam and having stayed in Vietnam for the lockdown. Ho bless this happy man. As a matter of fact, girls and ladyboys make money only on commissions on the drinks they sell. So they keep on starving as during the lockdown. 

Last week end, a few of them decided to stay together and a couple of mates. (The European looking guy ain't Snoop Dag but a Vietnamese as was confirmed to me). Only 2 work in the same bar. Another one was a drag queen artist. I don't know about the other ones. 

This week end was a bit better : 3 customers. If you're optimistic, you will say that business is increasing. If not, you can also say they are in a pretty fix. It must be hard to make ready and make up to attend at empty bar every night in the middle of girls (there is no specific ladyboy bar in VN, only bars with girls and sometimes ladyboys).


















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