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Lisa In Pattaya


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I've been to Zaza, and am already planning my next trip down.

Yes, it is clean and well kept. And I spent an unforgettable afternoon, evening and night with the lovely Jiet. Dao and all the staff seem to care about the customers, and I can only agree with SP's comments.  Well worth a visit.


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On 8/28/2022 at 3:06 PM, 8inches said:

Do any of Zaza staff have experience with cane, flogger and whip?

I have no idea which ladyboys can be a proper dom.

For ladies, you can try the Castle on 3rd Road and Mistress Cruella in Jomtien but not sure if these venues are open post-pandemic.

If all else fails head to Missouri, the Show Me State:

If all other disciplinary actions fail, teachers in Missouri’s Cassville R-IV School District will be allowed to spank a student with a paddle, parents learned last week. The superintendent said the school board brought back the practice after parents asked for more punishments other than suspension.


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8 hours ago, 8inches said:

Thank you. I can try Mistress Cruella. I remember my school days, a leather strap on the palms was not used but abused, the so-called teachers were nothing but ignorant, sadistic pedophiles. 

I would be delighted to whip your fat, old arse for you, you worm.

I would also be delighted to spit and piss on you, but only if you take your caning like a good faggot.


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