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Iain had a few health issues over the past few years but was diagnosed with Gall Bladder and Liver cancer a few days before his 60th a few weeks ago.

After that his decline was rapid and last Saturday he went to the hospital to be told there was no treatment that would help him as his liver was already starting to shut down. He was in hospital from that day and being kept as comfortable as possible.

His partner Nam stayed by his side every minute until he passed.

Nam is understandably devastated and beyond comforting right now. On her behalf I would ask that she be given a little time in private, even if you know her well.

Funeral arrangements will be announced shortly

( I admit that I copied this from another Forum, but since 'Why Not', so loved by us on this Forum, also many Bro's here have known Iain, drunk & laughed enjoyed his company over the years...its been appreciated,,,,the word of his 'passing' should be announced Thankyou.)

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Taken from another forum....

Originally posted in the BKK forum.

Please note: this is overly long and over-sentimental, but I have been struggling with the sad news and so find it cathartic to write a bit about our favourite BKK LB bar landlord.

I first met Iain in Nov-18 at the old WN20. I'd read about him on the forum and so walked in and said "jou ma se poes." (it's a strange phrase as translated from Afrikaans it literally means 'your mother is a CU Next Tuesday'.  It can be taken two ways - fighting words, or a term of endearment!).

Luckily, Iain (who called himself Poes from his days in SA) took it the way it was meant and we had the first of many, many piss ups that night. I don't think the LB I was with was too impressed, but that's another story.

Over the course of our friendship I learnt that there were a lot of parallels. Both of us had spent our early childhoods in the Far East, with fathers in the HM Forces.

We both spent time in UK boarding schools and had a lot of laughs over some of the antics that we got up to during those days.

When he moved to Cape Town he worked as the Head Chef at a well known seafood restaurant that I frequented 1-2 times a month with punters. The biggest laugh we had over that was when I discovered he hated seafood and would never eat it! (Come to think about it, for somebody in the hospitality industry, he was a very picky eater and wouldn't touch any spicy food either, which was probably a challenge living in the LOS!)

After his divorce, (he has an ex-wife and 2 sons in Pretoria), he worked all over the world and spent time in West Africa and the Middle East, two regions I know very well. As part of his fearless nature, he worked in Iraq on a military base, which took a lot of balls.

He was in Equatorial Guinea for a number of years (a real example of a tyrantasaurus dictatorship of a country) and met the famous mercenary Simon Mann, who had led an unsuccessful coup, had been jailed for a few years and then was released to head up the President's security! (This is a great example of a term used in Africa very frequently - 'TAB' (that's Africa baby). The best translation would be "you couldn't make this shit up!").  

Poes made his 'boat drinks' money in Abu Dhabi, where he managed the concessions for the offshore oil drilling. That's when he started to visit the LOS and originally used to frequent Phuket and drink at Cocktails and Dreams, owned by @jimbo

It was at a fateful event in 2013 that his life changed and he met Nam at the Ladyboy Beach Volleyball Tournament in Pattaya.

They were inseparable ever after and for the first few years Iain would fly over from AD for 4 weeks (he was working 6 weeks offshore and 4 weeks off) and see her.

Iain then made the plunge and moved to the LOS, I told you he was fearless! Him and Nam first had a business selling online vapes and it became so successful it took them over the radar with the powers that be and so it was closed down. 

The next venture was WN20 and as I mentioned this where many of us first met them.

WN20 is probably looked back very fondly by any of us, as it was a true den of iniquity and endless fun! I am sure that theses pages could be filled by many, many stories of the good times that we all had there. For me two of the highlights were the staff trip to Pattaya and the infamous 6.5 hours party bus ride, which featured 5 stops en route for more drinks and pee breaks. Very few remember actually getting off the bus, never mind the antics that were gout up to at the resort in Patts that we stayed at. It was great to see the girls let their hair down and enjoy themselves, without having to deal with us punters. (The farangs were just Iain, Swiss Chris and myself).

The other memorable time was the WN20 trip to Chiang Mai. Iain and Nam had found out that there was a bar up there called 'Why Not' and so wanted to go visit! So off we fly and spent a few nights in Chiang Mai. The looks on the faces of the staff at the 'other' Why Not were priceless when in paraded a load of BKK LBs wearing Why Not Bangkok tee shirts! (From memory it was Nam, Popcorn, Noey, Belle, Laura, Catty). Iain was very rarely ever seen without his black WN tee shirt and I once asked him why didn't he get a tattoo made instead?

I last saw Iain at the WN20 location pre-Covid in Feb-20, when @taaseesanuk and @BeachGuySC and I had a big week in BKK. Little would we know what was to happen after that and we have all said how lucky we were to have gone ahead and not cancelled that trip.

Then Covid hit...

I was stuck outside of the LOS for 2 years, just like most of the world and during that time Poes was hospitalised twice with covid related illnesses. Looking back, in hindsight, this is the watershed when his health started to suffer.

Locked down in BKK him and Nam decided to roll the dice and pick up the lease on WN04. This was a really ballsy move and I remember having a lot of discussions with him about it, as it required re-mortgaging the condos in Pattaya that he owned to get the refurb completed. WN04 was opened and then they suffered under the open-close-open bar regime that was put in place in the LOS. Many bars went under during this period, as we all know.

Poes and Nam were very lucky to have Steve (ex-Stringfellows) around, who had recently 'retired' in BKK and so they had many nights behind shuttered doors. Sadly Steve passed away in Nov-21. 

I finally managed to get out of Dubai and made the move to BKK in Sep-22. Having not see Poes for 2+ years, he had changed a lot and his health conditions meant he didn't go there as frequently as before. Poes and Nam were a great help in condo suggestions (I moved into the same building!) and sorting out a visa agent etc. Poes was always willing to help out his friends and I saw this many times. Despite his gruff demeanour and sometimes unkempt appearance, he would always be the first to help somebody - whether it was punters, friends or the girls.

In late 2022 Poes had to stop drinking, which must have been very difficult to anyone who knew him. Heineken 0 became his new BFF and I very rarely ever saw him drink vodka or any other beer again.

In 2023 I had to make 2 long trips back home and to the UK and it was after I returned in Sep-23 I could see that his health had taken a big downturn. He was in and out of hospital for various tests and samples and had been diagnosed with diabetes earlier in the year. He was excited about the anniversary party in Sep-23 and then for the lead-up to his birthday party he talked a lot about putting on a skit for 30 minutes. I could see that he was excited about this and in retrospect it was something he was doing to take his mind off the health problems.

I saw him weekly either in the building where he would give me downloads of series (his spare bedroom was like a NASA control centre), or at the bar.

Each week he looked weaker and had become uninsurable. 

On the day of his birthday party - 4th November he turned up late and you could just tell something was very off. He apologised profusely that he couldn't do his show and told three of us @Steveindubai and @Singter1 and maybe others that he had been diagnosed with liver and gall bladder cancer. He managed to stay for 2.5 hours, but then started becoming visibly tired and had to leave with Nam.

This was a birthday party that i will never forget, for all of the wrong reasons, as he had made us promise not to tell anyone, especially the girls. It is a very hard thing to pretend that you are having a great time at a party, meanwhile you have just learnt something as momentous as this. This is also why I haven't had the heart to be on the board for the past month.

Poes went for a biopsy the following week and was waiting for the results when he dragged himself out for his very last time at WN04 to meet up with @Terry Tibbs @Steveindubai and myself. He was there for about 2 hours but by then the morphine was making him very tired and he had to leave. @Singter1 was upset to have missed him by about 30 minutes as he has known him since the Phuket days of 10 years ago. Iain's very last trip out was fittingly to Cindy's Bar a day or two after.

I met up with Iain in the building and he looked close to the end, as the telltale jaundice had set in.

Nam then advised us that the results showed that the cancer was too far gone and he spent the last week of his life in the hospital. Nam never left his side.

On 1-Dec-23 I met up with Nam in the condo and she was distraught. She had just returned from the hospital where Iain had passed away at 0300. I remember being in shock and just walked around BKK in a daze for a few hours.

Nam has a very good circle of friends and they then took over. The UK embassy had to be informed so that Iain's body could be released for cremation and they took care of all the details. The service was on 4-Dec-23, just 1 month since his fateful birthday.

The service was very impressive. I sat next to @Youngone who is known to be good at numbers, and he estimated 120+ attendees. Iain must have planned the music as it was all of his favourite songs.

It is the mark of a man's true greatness as to how many people bother to attend the funeral. This was a big turnout of BKK and PAT ex-pats as well as the ladies.

There was a 'wake' at the bar afterwards, which I don't really remember too much of, but based on the hangover I had yesterday, I must have drunk a lot.

I am sitting here typing this over-long, over-sentimental obit of Iain Hole, AKA Poesface, and one of the songs from the funeral keeps going through my mind "I'm Missing You" by Diana Ross.

Iain, you were a great friend and will be missed very much by many of us. You have left a hole in our hearts, leaving this life far too early.


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When I visited Why Not, a few days ago I saw a very familiar face. Seems miss Annie has returned ! :party0011:Understood she uses a different name now though

Didn't have a chance to talk to her yet. For those who don't know her, this is Annie, about 4 years ago

Screenshot_20240108_175107_Samsung Internet.jpg

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WN04 Doll of the Day

Well, it is Monday all over the world right now, so what better to start off the week with the launch of the WN04 Doll of the Day. This will be a series of 3-5 photos supplied by Nam every day, which I will then post in the WN04 thread.

I found out today that the inhouse photographer is none other than Creamy, obviously a girl of many talents!

So far this year, 3 new ladies have started at WN04 and today's Doll is a fine lady by the name of Dew. (Maybe she does her best work in the early mornings?


Screenshot_20240205_170504_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240205_170430_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240205_170529_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240205_170448_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240205_170345_Samsung Internet.jpg

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WN04 Doll of the Day

Say hello to the lovely Mukda, another new starter at WN04 and today's featured Doll.

Mukda, translated into English means Pearl. I have no idea if she is a fan of necklaces, but I do know she loves to take a sip of the nam tom that they have brewing outside the bar most nights!

Photo credits to the  multi-talented Creamy.

There are only 3 pictures in this set, but have no fear, Mukda will make another appearance in a larger group set in a few days time. So be sure to watch this space!


Screenshot_20240206_121431_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240206_121445_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20240206_121456_Samsung Internet.jpg

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