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Chaos 9 Soi 4


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I'm surprised this bar hadn't appeared on the radar. I realize this forum is rather Pattayacentric, but those who enjoy BKK or just passing through should give this place a try.  


I wasn't sure what section to place this thread, and welcome the mods to move where appropriate. Seeing that Darkside, and P'beer are in this section (Bangkok) I went with this.  Why is Paradise Club in the Ladyboy bars section? I would think they would all be in the same section to make it easier for BM's to find.


Chaos 9 is located in the same location as Guess Bar used to be. In fact their sign reflects the former name as it's incorporated into it. Chaos 9 by Guess Bar.   I've spoken to the new ownership about that name and why Guess Bar is still in the name. Kanjana the (GG) owner said it was so longtime customers of Guess Bar would know it was still a bar where ladyboys worked.  She is the 100% owner and assured me that the old regime of Noon and Mardhi were out of the picture. They have LB's and GG's working at the bar presently. Kanjana wants to have a mix of both ladyboys and ladies, with 80% LB's.


I was there end of January and middle of February.  They have made lots of changes, and all positive in my opinion.  The have remodeled the inside and moved the pool table.  It is much better lit now so you aren't playing pool in the dark.  They have bar stools and tables in the center area with lounges and comfy seats around the outside.  They have also made changes outside the bar.  The bar railing is gone and the front is now opened up, with comfy lounges out front and small tables.  It's a lot more comfortable than before and great for groping sessions with a ladyboy.  Each night i went their seemed to be more staff, and the LB's were dominating in numbers by far. I kind of felt bad for the GG's, but hey bad luck if the customer base prefers LB's.  In January they had anywhere from 4-7 ladyboys working. In February they were close to 10 every night with just a couple of GG's.


It's very photo friendly now without the old GB gestapo wanting to fine you 10 baht for a taking them. Just ask the girls who all seem very keen to pose, especially if a drink may come their way.  I found it to be very low pressure, but not ignored as old GB used to be at times. The overall vibe is great in my opinion, Some great improvements make it better than Guess Bar ever was, now they just need to build up staff.



You can also check out Chaos 9 on their facebook page: Chaos 9


The pool table has been moved so there is now a big open area. Pool is free all night long!








Plenty of lounges, love seats and comfy stools.










The twins Yam and Jamme on the outside lounges. 






Chompoo, Kanjana (owner), and Sara lounging out front.






A couple of staff sitting out front eating.




The same small inside bar is still there with 4 stools.




Plenty of spots to put set your drink.




Plenty of floor space for various play.




The only drawback is the same ole stanky toilet that is shared with other shops.  At least it's coed.











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Chaos 9 is offering a drink special for forum members until April 4th.  Simply identify yourself as seeing an ad on the forum for the 3 drinsk for price of 2. They have also adjusted ladydrink prices which used to range from 150 baht to 250 baht. Now they are all 150 baht.  Kanjana is wanting to do more specials and have parties in the near future.  She is very keen to earn our business and welcomes in put. 


Drink special for for Forum members. Offer good until April 4th, 2015.




I've posted a map for the inevitable where is it questions. Chaos 9 is located in the Rajah Hotel Complex where Guess Bar used to be. Other bars that have ladyboys are in the same complex. Paradise Club and P'beer.  It's also a very short walk to Nana Plaza.





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Guest thobkk

Oh shit, i'll be in BKK late for beeing able to get the forum drink special  :huh: 
But thanks for the hint. I will visit the place in May...

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Oh shit, i'll be in BKK late for beeing able to get the forum drink special  :huh: 

But thanks for the hint. I will visit the place in May...



They will have a new promotion by then. I'm told in April they will be having free ST room for Forum members.  















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Guest thobkk

They will have a new promotion by then. I'm told in April they will be having free ST room for Forum members.  


Great, maybe in May they offer free ST for Forum members :happy0065: 

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Guest thobkk

Btw, is someone in BKK interested in a beer together between May 5th and 10th 2015? I'm going to stay there at U Sukhumvit Hotel again.

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        Chaos 9 Special Promotion for all forum members. Good through April, 2015


Bar fines 500 baht.


Simply identify yourself to the bar as a forum member to receive this months special.



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Looking at the lineup I see 10 BFs for me. Wondering if the ST room would still be gratis.  :biggrin:


I couldn't see why not as long as you are bar fining each girl. Kanjana the owner is is working hard to win business. She invites everyone to visit the bar and provide feedback in how she can improve the bar.   She has made a lot of changes to bar, ranging from remodeling the front patio area to restructuring the drink menu prices.  


Seh wants to keep running promotions and down the road have theme parties. Currently she is trying to build her staff up which is always a challenge for bar owners.  Three new ones just started this week.


Kanjana and the lovely Sarah





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i was there last december and was impressed with the nice taste furniture and cleanliness of the place....seen a ladyboy that is still on my thoughts...unlikely could not move a finger as i was with my lb girlfriend ( now ex........finally ) cannot wait to pay a visit soon as a single on my next trip...and as i stay at woraburi just around the corner...as working at home

Thanks to Gutsy for all updates with pics

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