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Ladyboy Scene In South Africa

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The only place I have found ladyboys in South Africa is on the internet.

www.sextrader.co.za    p4p website Look under specials

www.esa.co.za  p4p website       Has a specialist option but misses some LB's...and only has them in Johannesburg and Cape town.



 I have supplied the links as most of the pics are trademarked and cannot be saved...if someone knows how please tell me.


In terms of personal experience I have found the South Africans advertising to be more like drag queens,living as males and donning wigs etc for appointments.

I love the genuine LB's and am attracted to the Thai looks,smaller smooth bodies.


In December having returned from LOS  or what I prefer to call LOLB land of ladyboys and suffering the blues decided to test run any Thai LB's advertising in Cape Town.


Found 4,three of which appealed to me:

Sandy from sextrader;   http://www.sextrader.co.za/home.php?link=specials_western_cape

I think she lives as a man and dresses up for appointments using wigs etc.femboy

Great body and ready to do anything you ask top or/and bottom so good performance.

Unfortunately very much like her pics kinda expressionless through it all.

Lives and works in a bachelor flat near the gay quarter of cape town.

Clean enough but did not suggest showering either her or myself.......sometimes wonder if she is actually Thai..........

R400 or $40 US an hour before 10 pm after that R600 or $60 an hour.

Would go back if really horny and unable to find some with more personality.


Keen Teacher from sextrader http://www.sextrader.co.za/home.php?link=specials_western_cape

Genuine pre-op Thai LB with bolt on's average cock.

Great telephone and text manner but promises more than she delivers.oh to big etc...

Worked hard at getting me to come with a good finger prostate massage and bj and wank.

Cagey about any sort of name...Keen Teacher only.

Lives ina flat with 2 gay guys that I did not see but she wanted to know if I wanted to have sex with a gay  guy because she could arrange it....not sure if it would have been a 3some..........I declined.

R600/$60 US per hour not crazy about working after 10 pm.

Not sure if I would go back..very little chemistry and feel she had me all wrong.


She Male Joy http://www.sextrader.co.za/home.php?link=specials_western_cape


Genuine pre-op Thai LB with stunning bolt-ons and biggish cock.

What a "Joy" fun,clean...shower first........functional in all ways.........a body to die for,beautiful..... was with her for about 1hour 35 minutes......until the mamasan of the house she works from came banging on the door wanting to close up.Paid R600 for an "hour".... half to the house and half to her............although initially she was paying some agency for getting her the "job" in SA.

She surprised me by telling me that she has Sundays off and we could go out if I liked.

Took her up on this and we have subsequently seen each other often when she is available,I am really not into ST sessions love them sleeping over........sometimes pay sometimes don't pay..........almost a relationship but very confusing as to what she wants out of it.

She is actually a shy person despite entertaining god only knows how many mongers over many years......ex Obssessions Bangkok 2 years.........pattaya ...singapore etc

Essentially this is a brothel in a large house in an upmarket suburb......called Dominique 2............Dominique 1 in Johannesburg has just closed down and there have been 3 of their staff arrive in Cape Town last week.

1 lady and 2 ladyboys........I would really like to give the 1 LB Bella a trial run but don't think that would go down well with Joy.......

The "house" now has 4 ladies and 5 LB's.

All are from Thailand and I suspect the ladies are actually post op LB's..............ladies are way more in demand in South Africa and the LB who held no attraction for me,subsequently went back to BKK had the full operation and within 2 months is back in SA Johannesburg working as a lady haha.....the South Africans do not have a clue..........

I suspect there is not enough demand for the 5 LB's and several will be back in Thailand in the next month or 2.

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I'd wondered about this purely from the fact that Thai's do not need a visa to visit SA.    Good info from the man on the ground.

Thanks Mardhi.........the problem is that if you are going to stay for more than 30 days a visa is required.......the girls mentioned have been here quite sometime.........Sandy at least 2 years.......keen teacher more than a year and Joy 8 months.......only a spousal/life partner visa or work permit would allow them to stay more than a year somehow doubt they would get a work permit for p4p.......

The agency that recruited some of the girls expects a huge amount 180000Baht  which the girls pay off so they land up" over staying" any visas they have and are fined by immigration for every month over when they leave.

The agency retains there passports to ensure they get paid.

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Would anyone have any Info on ladyboys in canberra or Sydney in Australia please?


Not me for one but perhaps others may have. 


In any event, welcome to the forum RayRay. 

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Would anyone have any Info on ladyboys in canberra or Sydney in Australia please?

Welcome RayRay.  Maybe best if you start a thread about your question as there are a few Australian members here who may not check this thread but would if it was about their area.

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Would anyone have any Info on ladyboys in canberra or Sydney in Australia please?



Would anyone have any Info on ladyboys in canberra or Sydney in Australia please?

seems LB Yummi from Thailand is in Sidney this period, search on CL.

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