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LB Event of the Year - 26th October 2013

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The four Charities to benefit from the Lady Boy Water Volley Ball have been selected, contacted and promised each 125,000 Baht






These are all wonderful Charities to support. Jim is finalising his chosen Charity in Phuket

The buying power of our Donations is three times what it would be in the West.

Many thanks to all the guys for Sponsoring and Donating - your generosity has been amazing.
For you that have pledged support please confirm as soon as possible.

Now we need to sell the remaining Tickets - available from your favourite bar.

For more info


It will be a great day out for everyone involved - Bars, Teams, BMs and, of course, the Charities.

Looking forward to thanking you all on Saturday 26th October 2013 at Areca Lodge, Evergreen wing from 1.00pm

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Media coverage of the 2013 LBWVB Event   Video http://www.youtube.c...h?v=IHfIKAI7eEo   Local Newspaper http://www.pattayama...c-million-31965   International http://www.mirror.co...hailand-2

Thought you may like to see how the funds raised were used by the nominated Charities. Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard installed the water filtration systems in one village nominated. Chosen village near

I will Proudly be sponsoring the BKK contingent, Temptations Cockatoo Ladyboy Water Volleyball Club, at this years event!     Hopefully bkkdlby will be evaluating talent on the ground after he fi

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It was a huge success last year and no doubt it will be a fantastic day and night out this year.  Still a few months out, but no harm getting excited about this event and Party Season in general in late October and November..

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This is the current list of 4 charities to benefit from our Charity event.
It is planned to Contribute 125,000 Baht to each of the 4 nominated charities.

Please help us achieve the financial target and many thanks for all your support.

Who would have thought that a group of Forum mongers could have such big hearts, and achieve so much, all in one fun filled day.

Truly amazing. You would feel honored to overhear some of the comments made from non-Forum people

The original idea was to achieve 4 objectives:

  • Raise money for worthy charities
  • Improve the profile of ladyboys
  • Promote the bars that provide the teams that make the event
  • Have a fun day out

Nobody can doubt we have, together, achieved what we set out to do.

Water4Life Project - Rotary Eastern SeaBoard, Pattaya. This was a successful donation last year and sees villages in Issan getting water filtration sytems that provide them with potable water. We all take drinking water for granted - they cannot.

I would also like to acknowledge the amount of support given by Rotary Club both last year and this year

Dr Phillipe Suer - this Doctor is a one man crusade - please see his site.

Camillian Social Centre - the focus is on kids who have HIV through no fault of their own.

Life Home Project - focus on HIV/AIDS Women and their children

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Some terrific news:

Following the success in 2012 it was strongly recommended, by legal counsel, that the Event become a correctly registered & recognized charity. 

Any fund raising, of of this kind and magnitude, in Thailand, may be viewed as employment.

The Event is primarily organized as a Charity Fundraiser and to be a fun day out for all
Following this advice LBWVB is now a recognised project within Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard.
Has little impact on the event nor on the Charities selected.
Any questions just send a PM or email to
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If you are reading about this for the first time - you are probably too late......


  • 250  Maximium capacity for the Areca Lodge Hotel
  •   48 Team Tickets - Each bar pays 3,000 Baht for 6 entrants and provides the teams
  •     4 Tickets Media
  •   66 Tickets were assigned to the generous 101 Sponsoring BMs who will be attending
  • 132 Tickets were on sale


    5 Available with LBWVB@Hotmail.Com - preference given to those who will Sponsor a Team.

    2 or 3 MAY be available in each of Sensations, BabyBoom, Kings 2, TJs - all other participating venues SOLD OUT..


The target of 500,000 Baht to Charity is in sight.


Many thanks to all the guys that either Sponsored a Team, Donated or bought a Ticket.

Another special credit to all those contributing to the Auction. See below.


Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday October 26th at Areca Lodge Soi Diana. Start time is 1.00pm

- Volley Ball 1.30pm until 5.00pm. Gala Dinner 7.00pm until 10.30/11.00pm


Will post more information about Ticket collection in the near future.


This year the Auction has some fantastic items - ATM machines near the Hotel!

Bring money.....

  • 8 Team shirts - 1 from each Bar
  • 1 Samsung Galaxy 4S + case - valued at 20,000 Baht
  • 2 Up-market cosmetic sets by Lola - valued at 8,000 Baht each
  • 2 Premier League Team shirts
  • Hull City "Tigers" Shirt
  • 1 Famous Bar Charity Piggy Bank
  • Rare Trapist Monk Beer set
  • Unique printed book of 2012 event's professional photos

Other items still to be confirmed but should include

  • Tickets to Miss International Tiffany Queen on the following weekend - The Oscars for LadyBoys.
  • Dining Vouchers
  • Bar vouchers
  • Mystery item from Egypt - as yet I have no idea....


With each Team shirt there is also a signed copy of PaulTain's book which is a terrific amusing read.







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If you will not at the LBWVB on 26th October you can still bid on any of the Auction items here on the Forum.


Send your bid to lbwvb@hotmail.com


  1. State which item and your bid.
  2. Bidding closes 19th October
  3. Secure bid with payment to PayPal
  4. If your bid succeeds the item will be held for you or can arrange shipping
  5. If out bid at the event your PayPal bid is returned

Many thanks




Item on Offer

Incremental Bids Only

  1. Samsung Galaxy 4S + Case
  2. Lola Cosmetic set                                   
  3. Lola Cosmetic set                                   
  4. Snapper’s Photo book 2012           
  5. Man Utd Premier league signed
  6. Man City Premier league signed
  7. Hull City “Tigers” Shirt
  8. BabyBoom Shirt
  9. Cocktail&Dreams Shirt
  10. Kings 2 Shirt
  11. LaBamba Shirt
  12. Sensations Shirt
  13. Stringfellows Shirt
  14. Temptations/Cockatoo Shirt
  15. TJ Music Bar Shirt            
  16. Tiffany Miss International Tcktsx2        
  17. Tiffany Miss International Tcktsx2        
  18. Belgian Trappist Monk beer  x 4                        
  19. The LBWVB Charity Pig                               
  20. Dining Vouchers                                     
  21. Dining Vouchers
  22. Egyptian mystery item
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Limited Edition Condoms for Sale at Participating Bars


Warning: These are NOT for safe sex

I wouldn't be so sure about that Rossco. Looks like the girth would be about right although I can probably only fit the tip in as they don't appear to be deep enough.

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                         700,000 Baht - 175,000 Each to 4 Charities



First Corporate Sponsor have generously contributed 150,000 Baht - http://www.nbsurveys.com/

BM (Thpon) has also generously contributed 2 Baht of Gold Jewellery for the auction at total value of 45,000 Baht

A Forum has contributed 30,000 Baht and covered the cost of the collectable Beer Condoms for 10,000 Baht


Many BMs have contributed some fantastic items for the Auction. Special thanks to Senior2, Chris of Darkside in Bangkok


Thpon was a great supporter of the original Beach Volley Ball back in 2009. He sadly cannot be at the event.


Ticket pick up:


  • 24th October (Thursday) - Fogmasters party @ Sensations
  • 25th October (Friday) - Areca Lodge - 7.00 until 9.00
  • 25th October (Friday) - La Bamba - 9.00 to 10.00pm
  • 25th October (Friday) - Sensations - 10.15 to midnight




This year there are many unique and valuable items so visit an ATM before the evening event.


Many thanks to all the supporters and contributors - without you it does not happen.

We now have an Event that is ours and helps many people less fortunate.


Looking forward to meeting everyone and having a fun and friendly day out together.

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Revised Auction list - not finalised



Item on Offer

Incremental Bids in Baht Only

Samsung Galaxy 4S + Case

Lola Cosmetic set                                   

Lola Cosmetic set                                    

Snapper’s Photo book 2012           

Ferrari Formula 1 shirt signed Masa/Alonso

Mercedes Formula 1 shirt signed Hamilton

Hull City “Tigers” Shirt

LBWVB Winners Shirt

LBWVB Runners Up Shirt

1 Baht Gold Necklace

1 Baht Gold Necklace

Tiffany International Tcktsx2        

Tiffany International Tcktsx2        

Belgian Trappist Monk beer  x 3                        

The LBWVB Charity Pig                               

Dining Vouchers                                     

Ladies Handbag

Egyptian mystery

Johnnie Black set - TJs

Crate of Tiger

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Can we make the 1,000,000 Baht to Charity?


We have been offered a contribution, of 100,000 Baht, on condition we raise 900,000 Baht


710,000 Baht - Raised so far + includes unsold Hotel Tckts 10,000 + Pledge donation 3,000 + VB Only Tckts 12,000

115,000 Baht - Underwrite the auction up to115,000

  45,000 Baht - Pledges


870,000 Baht Total   



  30,000 Baht to get.


Most bars, in Pattaya, have come up with some further fund raising ideas but if anyone would like to help please advise


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Our Anon Sponsor is no longer anonymous - Paul (ThPon) has deposited his pledged amount of 100,000 into the Charity Account today


The challenge is to reach 1,000,000 by our joint efforts, on behalf of the LadyBoys.


We can make the Magic Million


All costs have been paid apart from the Prize Money.


This is an amazing result for what started out as a kind of quirky idea.


Pattaya Mail are dumb struck.


Many thanks - just bid generously at the auction - we need the help.


All the Pattaya Bars are having 'Pre Volley Ball Parties' and they are grateful for our support for them.


  • 19th October - TJ Music Bar Soi 18 Naklua Road
  • 21st October - LaBamba Soi Yamoto 13.1
  • 22nd October - Kings 2 Bar Soi 8
  • 23rd October - BabyBoom
  • 24th October - Sensations - Fogmaster's tribute to LBs
  • 25th October - Stringfellows


26th October - THE Event that you all made happen.


We have Pattaya Mail and TV backing us

We have Tiffany show generously giving, each team, 6 Polo Shirts and donating 5 Miss International Queen Tickets.


This is an astounding outcome.


We are now the 2nd Biggest 1 Day Fundraiser in Pattaya - we are NOT even a Charity we are fund raisers.


LBWVB is grateful for all  the support of so many BMs, this Forum, Rotary Club and so many others.


It is your event and you made it happen. You have already made a difference.


It is a very public display for support of all the LadyBoys in Thailand and what they can also do to help those less fortunate.


Appreciate that we all need to behave correctly, on the day, as we have a unique opportunity to 'showcase' our LadyBoys in such a fantastic positive way.


Many thanks

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This kicked off back in February and we are nearly there.


Weather forecast is good, Teams are practicing, Partys in Full Swing and the Charity Pig will be making another appearance at BabyBoom on 23rd Oct - Wednesday.


Just amazing. Thanks for all the contributions


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