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  1. Nobody asked me but.......if she rocks your world in bed or has unique appeal then minor transgressions can be overlooked. This does not seem to be the case, at least sexwise, so it seems your time can be best used with other sissies. Her not showing up shows a lack of eagerness which is a bad sign.
  2. Pdoggg


    Hope u get back to 100% soon. Do you think you caught it at the airport or on the plane?
  3. The 35 baht per dollar level has been breached. This is due to dollar strength rather than baht weakness. The Fed is expected to announce a 3/4 of a percent interest rate hike today which makes the dollar stronger.
  4. Dave Duke, you missed a good one! On Saturday, I attended the Pattaya branch of the Royal British Legion's Queens Jubilee Garden Party. It was held at the Retreat Lawn Bowling Club on the Darkside. My favorite band, the Paul Jackson Band was performing. Their was also a performance by Barry Upton and a Rod Stewart impersonator sang the exact same songs that were sung at the official Jubilee. Have no idea why Sweet Caroline was one of the songs. There were Union Jacks and St George flags everywhere. Cutouts of the Queen's Guard and James Bond. Also a Ladies Ascot Hat competition. Lots of food and beer too. A toast to Queen Elizabeth and also a toast to the fallen heroes.
  5. One transgender alleged gold necklace snatcher who committed crimes mostly against Indian tourists in Pattaya was finally arrested in Bangkok by Pattaya tourist police and Bangkok police. Pattaya tourist police partnered with investigators from the Pattaya Police Station to investigate successive similar pickpocketing and gold snatching thefts mostly against Indian tourists in the Pattaya area. The investigation took several weeks and finally led to the issuance of an arrest warrant for one suspect on June 10th. According to reports, the suspect, whose name was not revealed by the tourist police, was a transgender individual. The suspect was arrested at a rental room in the Onnut area in Bangkok by Phra Khanong police and was transferred back to the Pattaya Police Station for legal proceedings. TPN notes that the gold snatching and pickpocketing against international tourists has become a regular and major issue since Thailand easing more border and Covid-19 restrictions from May 1st. The thefts involve numerous victims who claim that the crimes are carried out in groups of two, so we might expect to see more arrests soon. https://thepattayanews.com/2022/06/13/suspect-in-gold-necklace-thefts-on-indian-tourists-in-pattaya-is-arrested-after-fleeing-to-bangkok/
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    The Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha has personally ordered relevant law enforcement agencies to crack down on venues violating the current legal closing time for alcohol serving entertainment venues, which is midnight. https://thepattayanews.com/2022/06/12/thai-prime-minister-orders-strict-nationwide-enforcement-of-midnight-closing-times-for-entertainment-venues/
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    Bangkok Pride

    In celebration of diversity an extra letter is being added so it is now LGBTQC+ with a Big C for Cowpoke paying homage to Bareback Mountain!
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    Wishing her a quick recovery! Admirable on a personal level and a wise way to live life. But the hypocritical ruling elite preaches rugged individualism and personal responsibility for the great unwashed while applying a different standard to the bailed out, too big to fail banks whose CEOs are now receiving record bonuses.
  9. He's back at the Pratumnak Hill Hotel
  10. The Pattaya International Pride Festival 2022 is coming from June 24th – 26th at the Central Pattaya Mall. March together to celebrate pride month! The Central Pattaya shopping mall, in collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand and another 100 associations, will march in the “International Pride Festival” from June 24th to June 26th. The march intends to celebrate diversity in genders and, of course, to have some fun! The event is packed with many features as following: June 24th: Watch the performance called “One Man One women on the Beach 2022”, starting at 6 p.m. June 25th: March together in a sassy Pride Parade presented to you by over 100 associations across Thailand. 1,000 influencers are also guaranteed to be there. The registration starts at 12-3 p.m. and the parade at 4 p.m. in front of the Central Marina mall and will go down Pattaya Beach Road. This is the first Pride Parade in Pattaya since early 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions. June 26th: Enjoy the Miss Healthy Queen 2022 at 6 p.m. Be a part of the world movement now on the G floor of the Central Pattaya shopping mall. https://thepattayanews.com/2022/06/11/pattaya-international-pride-festival-is-coming-from-june-24th-26th-at-central-pattaya-shopping-mall/
  11. You want Lamai. It is a monger town in tropical paradise. Chaweng is more a couples and backpacker town. Expensive to travel between these places at night. Note "monger town" is relative as the scene is small by Pattaya standards. I stayed for a few months at the Holiday Park in Lamai but I think you are looking for a splashier place.
  12. A pic is worth 1000 words. If you click on the thumbnail the pic will enlarge. http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/6807-katoy-for-xmas-who-would-it-be/&do=findComment&comment=144420&_rid=7348
  13. High floor beachview corner units at View Talay 5 or 7 in Jomtien or View Talay 6 in Pattaya. View Talay 5 or 7 are on Dongtan Beach which has a quiet pathway rather than the heavy traffic of Jomtien Beach Road. No need to be super close to any bars as Bolt taxis are extremely inexpensive.
  14. A new GG bar opened in Jomtien yesterday. It has attractive girls dressed as cheerleaders. If interested go now because my guess it will close or change format soon as it is the only straight bar on the strip of gay bars in the Jomtien Complex. I was the only customer. It's called the The Gents or something like that but that may be the old name. I though perhaps it could be a ladyboy goldmine but alas only GGs.
  15. You can see sk8er boys and girls in the parking lot at Pratumnak Beach. A nice crowd hangs there at night drinking and chillin.
  16. Local residents called for relevant authorities to take action after used condoms were found scattered along the railroad tracks in Banglamung district, Chonburi. Local reporters arrived near the multipurpose yard of Pattaya Railway Station in the Nong Prue subdistrict of Bang Lamung district on Saturday, June 4th, following local residents’ complaints and discovered a lot of used disposable condoms strewn about, causing displeasing eyesores and fear of infectious diseases during the current reopening period to tourists. Local witnesses said that there were groups of people who often gathered for inappropriate outdoor sexual activities and littered used condoms and toilet paper on the ground around the railway and rail station. Banglamung police previously examined the area in last December after the news was wildly spread, so the groups were not seen for a while. But, pieces of litter, condoms, and bags were found again a few months later. https://thepattayanews.com/2022/06/05/local-residents-urge-authorities-to-take-action-after-used-condoms-found-scattered-along-the-railroad-tracks-in-pattaya/
  17. I know quite a bit about Koh Lanta which is in Krabi province. Koh Lanta has a really poor P4P scene though. I know you said it doesn't matter but there are places such as Lamai on Koh Samui where there is indeed a P4P scene in tropical paradise in case you get the itch for some action. Lamai is also a very walkable place.
  18. Same rate for all denominations. But at Superrich in Bangkok you get a better rate if you are willing to accept small denomination bills. The headquarters of Superrich in Bangkok is usually the best rate for most major currencies. https://www.superrichthailand.com/#!/en/exchange
  19. In Pattaya, TT (beware of similar names with same colors), Super T, and Damini all have about the same rate when exchanging major currencies for baht However if you are exchanging baht for USD then Damini is the clear cut winner. It's located on Soi Post Office. http://daminiexchange.com/
  20. Pdoggg

    Bangkok Pride

    I thought it meant Queer. But googling around some say it means Questioning. So guess I could be a Bi, Tranny Chaser, or Questioning. G is reserved for guys who start Am I Gay threads.
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