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  1. Some great girls, Natty and Tina are the standouts for me
  2. very nice, hope to bump into her in 3 weeks when I am in AC
  3. very nice, and just the same size as my mouth
  4. I can see why some might regard themselves as stars, there is a lot of showing off involved and I suspect an ego or two at play. Hopefully some will be ok, there was one stunning girl there last night
  5. Hi guys, I am in Pattaya right now and noticed lots of good looking LBs lined up outside the beer bars towards the end of Walking Street, opposite Linda bar. Can anyone tell me the story with these girls ? Are they freelance or associated with the beer bars ? What are the going rates ?
  6. I am on my way to Pattaya, what's the barfine and LT rates in places like Sensations ? Is Walking St more expensive ?
  7. stunning, I will check her out next week
  8. I would love to get my mouth around her :)
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