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    hmm...ladyboys? sex with ladyboys? successfully escaping nutter ladyboys :) Watching movies, lots of movies, (a few about ladyboys hahaha). Wtf? you expected gardening, arts and crafts, Ugandan cuisine, and astonomy? ( I don't get buying a $1000 telescope to see tiny white light dots UP CLOSER). Oh, and eating good food and watching the passing parade.

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  1. so air asia and vietjet both show massive fares compared to what's on brokers leading me to suspect brokers are FULL OF SHIT and will take my money and then cancel the ticket with some excuse and offer me the real current fare price of over double. So what is a body to do? Wait til I want to fly and just walk up to their window at the airport and book right before I fly? (I'm guessing there's a few empty seats on a plane from Bkk to PP). I may risk it on a one way at 50 or so...works? great! Bait and switch? only lose the 50 (fares are non refundable...and hey! there's a new fare letting you change within 24 hours, etc. the whole topic is a black hole...but one can find hundreds of reviews where people paid big bux then had their pland FUCKED and were still trying to get their refund MONTHS later.
  2. you should do that...in no time she'll be getting huge bolt ons and have a fiance...maybe a fake ass too! I may refrain from further posts on that thread as I would lose my mind, fly to Patters and blow my all for that sweet assed angel.
  3. a famous secret if you will :) she might have called the bar Delicious Secrets
  4. it's a Scotch Whiskey blend tho. Very interesting tack they took there, veering away from the old norms.
  5. what would stop a taxi driver from using Bolt to get customers?
  6. don't expect I can find those in LOS. I have some jeans cut off. Seems to me loose baggy pants only encourage the pickpockets.
  7. I'll pass this along again...if you look inside your jeans you'll notice they use the same pocket with the small change pocket on the left flipped around. You can make a small slit near the top and slip in however much loot ya want. Getting to it does involve going to the bathroom to unzip and access it. NO WAY anyone is gonna pick that pocket, at least while you're wearing it, although it would take a bright one to find that even back in the loom.
  8. best activity of low BS members, friendly board and quite a few from the old TLF days. If I recall right TLF was not so much "eclipsed" as crippled by Stoagie going to pay to view the better threads. This happened early high season and a couple weeks from my arrival so I could not do any long range recon. Then later the Guess bar demise, a place that was almost an unofficial headquarters of MANY TLF members. It's mellow here, and more active than other boards which are all but dead with only the same few posters showing up. And probably the main reason for that is a good owner and mods
  9. I imagine either will satisfy, depending on price. The one an obvious following Fireball's success, and the other having worked nicely for Wild Turkey among others. Enjoy. I just came thru Arrivals on the 4th and it was JAMMED. I have NEVER seen so many people in there and most all Imm officer stations were manned. It moved so fast you could almost be on roller skates. I stopped picking up my bag and putting it down and just kind of kick/shuffled it ahead. Quick almost cursory check of the passport, no questions, just stamped and moved on...the scanner part was not even put into play. All that being said, I came i at 1pm where it's usually just before midnight with MANY fewer people but usually took near an hour to clear and get bags. I believe this high season will be good. At least in tourist numbers. Run your checklist, relax and be optimistic.
  10. started happening some years ago if you ask me. Maybe 5 or more years. Bars were never much of a draw for me, don't like em. In 2009 I found the Guess bar to be comfortable with many of the BM's dropping in for a chin wag and to see who they might barfine that night, maybe spot new talent. Low key. After it closed I stuck mostly to online contact, tho Dark Side had some brief shining moments. I believe the demise and lower attendance at many bars began pretty well before Covid. Thinking it will return to the former glory days is wishful thinking.
  11. I had a similar reaction regarding BS. This guy just had too many unbelievable experiences. For sure he was a great story teller but I seriously doubt much of what he wrote. I read all his thread in another board, which I THINK were in the book. I seem to recall he actually posted much of the book there. In any event, just not believable to me that any man had that many exceptional and fantastic experiences. One that sticks out a bit was of him playing host to Thai military and becoming their hero. The ego component is just huge. I suspect his health was going South bigtime and he knew the end was "near" and wanted something to take his mind off it and lot's of adulation. And yeah, the "hey, look at me and all the great stuff I'm doing!" does remind me a bit of you Rom, as you said, bragging. But I don't think there is much embellishment or outright BS in your posts. Overall you're a bird of a different feather.
  12. personally I believe there won't be another Thailand...a perfect storm of fun for several decades but now I think coming to an end. Covid mostly accelerated what was already happening, the slowing down. The economic crisis caused by 2 years of Covid is like the coup de grĂ¢ce. The older Guard never liked having to whore out the country to get ahead. Now they have industries aplenty and more and more educated younger gen to staff them. (or so they seem to think). Thousands of small independantly owned businesses failed recently and I'm sure many got snapped up for pennies on the dollar and repurposed or bulldozed. (I just saw another video of MBK which now resembles a bland clothing mall, and that's not so small). Scores of street vendors have been swept off the streets and (if they could tolerate it) stuck in one of the new "street food" food courts in malls. I'm sure the waterfront of Pattaya will soon start showing more and more non sexy venues as the years pass. And girls predisposed to throw their legs up will be doing so, more and more, on Only Fans and who knows what new sites come up. Fewer see P4P as the only option to making decent money. Airfares and other costs when you land are only going to get worse. They are never going to give up this STUPID Thai math that if your hotel is half empty, DOUBLE the rates. It's BAD now from what I can see, they're going to bait and switch if they don't just outright quote a highly inflated price. I see even Cambodia seems to be going this route. It takes much more work and research to find a good price, at least what I have seen. I think the best way will be to secure a squat for a night or two then spend your first days on the ground walking around talking to faces at reception until you find a sane one. All this means the wild and crazy, easy, sleazy FUN times everywhere are grinding to a halt. You'll still find that but it will be in fewer areas, for much more cost. And the place you had fun at last year might be a mall or condo when you go in a future trip. just my two cents...or, forgot, inflation....my $2
  13. and then Cambodia I believe banned online gambling! THEN COVID hit...I suppose it's now a town full of high rise shit mostly empty. An overnight "ghost town". Many such places here that thrived for a short period and are now all but deserted. None I can think of in such a short period of time tho. Really very very sad. As a punishment for such willy nilly greedy development I think Cambodia should knock those fuckers down and recreate the former Snooky :)
  14. it's been terraformed by the Chinese with half of it knocked down, all the nice old haunts mostly gone and a while back about 20,000 worker bees facilitating gambling from the hotel rooms of the MANY MANY skyscraper type hotels filled with Chinese tourists. Whole different place, I'm sure a quick search on youTube can say more. The Cambodians I believe, banned gambling and then Covid hit so it's likely full of big new structures and Chinese signage everywhere making you feel like you're in Beijing or somethin. Tho you MIGHT be able to find some girls, but likely most of em boogied up to Siem Reap or over to PP. Spose if you really looked, might be a few in Kep or Kampot.
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