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    Since almost anything one does at Immigration is to some degree a judgement call, I usually wear trousers and a collared shirt and also shave. If there is a charity box, I put in 100 baht. I smile and give them my best สวัสดีครับ but I usually don't wai as I often have stuff in both hands. I've seen guys in wifebeaters, and swimming trunks with their balls hanging out. But I figure it doesn't hurt to show some respect.
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    Well.. probably the less pushy I've seen. I go there with my lb and I speak Russian ..so if going alone could be different..but in my case hunny is my bar...I had also some vodka shots offered... definitely worth a try
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    Sportsworld? Katesiree?
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    Eddie going to his fav Indian Restaurant in Pattaya
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    Correct...before staying at zing hotel...very nice
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    Name that shot! I think #1 is from Jomtien Complex overlooking View Talay 1 or 2, forget which is which. and #2 is from Jomtien Complex overlooking Hanuman Statue
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    Just got the 60 day visa a couple of months ago in the US of A. it was dead easy. they didnt even ask for airline tickets or anything like that. It was only $40. certainly beat schlepping to Cheang Wattana and wasting the better part of half a day there. I read on Stickman, I know I know, that the some immigration jobsworth told a guy the next time he came to wear trousers. Are you fucking kidding me. I should go there one morning for shits and giggles to see how fucked up it is thats how much time I have on my hands right now!! LOL!!!!
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    In Ireland I was able to still do it by post a few weeks ago, actually didn’t notice an online option on the consulates site. Didn’t have to send in flight tickets or accommodation confirmation, bank statements or proof of residence, just a couple of photos and the fee, an unusual sum of €40.50 in cash. This is the application form and what I had to fill in.
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