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My first trip to snooky was at victory hill , I stayed at the sakal bungalows budget accommodation just across the road from the beach , all ok until night time when I decided to walk up the hill to bar street by the time I got to the harbour lights hotel near the top my legs were about to cave in , anyone walked up there will know what I mean .

Was last there three years ago all the bars on the street were open then not sure about now , few screen shots from google back in the day .1847812571_VICTORY1.thumb.PNG.249a1b7d9af705fc017caad30c31ce58.PNG1287058046_BARSTREET1.thumb.PNG.bab4533c710a699b509194965aaa1366.PNG544410600_VICTORY3.thumb.PNG.957b2bec438748063aa63a99b8dc2e2d.PNG 

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Hi guys update from November 2017 , airport wise not much happening regarding flights from anywhere so still white knuckle ride on road from phnom penh , mini bus from $7 private taxi from $50 , will

Congrats, Cambodia. I'm sure this will end well. In scrappy Cambodian casino town, Chinese plan future beyond coronavirus   SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia (Reuters) - When casino owner Kang Qi

developers, the human cancer.  I would say Snooky is no longer Cambodia, but a vassal state of China.  Maybe Covid will derail their greedy plan.

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My first trip there was in 2012 inspired by the reports from randiuno and bumblee at the start of this topic .

Last trip was june 2018 by then it was all over for me .

A few pictures from the early 2000's with the last one showing what a mess the place has become .





led zephyr.PNG



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I was in region with my daughter in 2017, and wanted to take her to Snookyville and Koh Rong, but she didn't want to hang out with the frat boys on koh rong, so we went to Vietnam instead. I didn't understand what she meant by the "frat boys" on Koh Rong, but she knew the Koh Rong and Snookyville I knew in 2011, no longer existed. 

We did go to Phnom Penh, but the whole mongering neighborhood where I stayed oon my first trip was razed and new buildings put up.  

 Cambodia thought me the Buddhist principle of "impermanence" .

Was going to post some pictures of Otres Beach from 2011, but thought better of it.  Grateful I experienced Cambodia at that time

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