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  1. It's going to be LiveStreamed!
  2. Once the water buffalos get their jab, Farang will have their chance. In the meantime it is time to hunker down.
  3. Looks like the pecking order is: 1) Thais at risk 2) Other Thais 3) Soi dogs 4) Farang
  4. The Australian Embassy in Thailand has responded to requests by Australians living in the Land Of Smiles that there will be no assistance for expats or other Australian citizens to be vaccinated in Thailand. Given the snail-pace response of the Thai Government and the age of some of the expats retired in the Kingdom, it was an important request. But the embassy responded with a normal ‘non’ answer… “Australians here (Thailand) and in other countries around the world may be covered by the vaccine roll out program in their current location.” Recently the Australian government announced
  5. Pdoggg


    Extremely professional. His ladyboy answer was quite interesting, " had some rollicking good conversations with ladyboys".
  6. Defo E. Perhaps L, gotta look closer. Maybe N, not sure. That's quite the collection of hotties The Sith!
  7. Pdoggg


    86 new Covid cases in Banglamung which is mostly Pattaya. That's a personal worst. But the high number of new cases are believed to be the the rsult of increased testing. Farangs are excited about their final dinner out tonight as restaurants close tomorrow. "Damn the Ventilators; full speed ahead" seems to be the rallying cry of those planning their Last Supper. No ban on booze sales yet and beachs are open. I spied people drinking on Pratumnak Beach which is not policed as closely as the Pattaya Coconut Bar or Jomtien Coconut Bar.
  8. Pdoggg


    Pattaya will be Deep Red, not just Red, starting May 1. Gyms closed. Restaurants closed except for takeaway. No gatherings of more than 20 people.
  9. Pdoggg


    It is proposed that Bangkok and Pattaya and a few other areas be reclassified as a Deep Red Zone rather than just a Red Zone. That could very well mean no more beer sales at 7/11 so stock up boys. Here is Adam's video talking about Deep Red not to be confused with Deep Throat. The visuals are of some Thai hospital workers dancing to a Bird Thongchai song, probably Loving You Too Much So Much Very Much but the music is silent. This tune was popular with last generation of Thais but not with today's 19 year old bargirls. Here is the official dance version with some Hotties
  10. Pdoggg


    Because of the toxic hate that exists in the US.
  11. Bangkok governor Asawin Kwanmuang stated on his Facebook account that Prime Minister Prayut had paid a fine of 6,000 baht for not wearing his mask after leading a government meeting on the Covid-19 situation this morning, April 26th. The Prime Minister also officially became the first person who has violated the recent regulations of the Communicable Disease Act B.E. 2558 issued yesterday, April 25th, stating that citizens in Bangkok shall always wear sanitary or fabric masks in public places. Anyone who violates or fails to comply with the statement shall be fined not exceeding 20,0
  12. Pdoggg


    In the above video, Tim says he registered at Bangkok Hospital for the vaccine. I guess it is a waiting list.
  13. Me too not to be confused with #MeToo. When China Air flights landed at Don Mueang they would play that song or something very upbeat and similar. Can any China Air flyers verify? The adrenaline would be pumping and then deplaning would be hit my the het of Don Mueang, a foreshadowing of bedroom heat to soon follow!
  14. A team of over fifty Banglamung police raided a private party at a pool villa last night, arresting 28 people, 17 of them foreigners. The raid took place at 11:50 P.M. last night, April 25th, at two luxury pool villas. Those arrested included 13 Filipino nationals, 6 Russian nationals, 2 French nationals, 3 Thai nationals, 1 British nationality, 1 Canadian nationality, 1 Albanian nationality, 1 Cambodian nationality according to Mr. Wuttisak Singhadecho. The raid took place at two luxury villas across from each other in the estate, with one holding a private birthday party for one o
  15. The Region 2 Police which covers Chonburi province, led by Lt. Col. Dulyaphat Techaporn, raided a home on Soi Khao Talo last night, arresting a German man and Thai transgender woman for alleged possession and intent to sell crystal methamphetamine. Arrested was Claus “Mike” Haberstroh, 59, of German Nationality, and Phanatchai “Po Po” Nuchit, 29, a transgender Thai national. They are accused of alleged possession and intent to sell crystal methamphetamine. According to Lt. Col. Dulyaphat, “ice”, a form of crystal meth, in the amount of 39.16 grams, and 2 mobile phones were seized from the
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