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  1. seven


    Sweden second country after France to donate vaccine to COVAX (vaccine program helping third world countries). Makes me proud. Not selfish like Engerland. If rich countries donate say 1 or 2 million doses each to Thailand we can get over there and enjoy ladymen. Its a win win. (In all fairness we gave away our AZ supply ) . Happens to be the very same brand Thailand will start manufacture soon. So if any of you Pattaya swots would be interested and aren't afraid of blood clots I'll be happy to send you some. I know BBG don't believe in the hype though.
  2. While I think Australia has handled this pandemic, especially their citizens, lets say not so good, this is resonable. Expats should find their needs where they're at, imo. Problem is they cant go home to get it as they face 5 years in prison. You couldn't make shit like this up. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-30/australians-flying-home-from-india-could-face-five-years-in-jail
  3. seven


    At 4:06. I agree. Hes one of the few thai youtubers worth watching. The days of 14 million international travelers coming to Thailand are gone. Many sensible persons are saying the same thing so I guess its time to accept and find another way, at least for 2 week millionaires.
  4. One of the hottest scenes ever made. I always go back and watch it. Not a bad movie actually. You cant go wrong with Clooney and Keitel. As for the ladies, I would have guessed K had a schlong. Whos the tattooed on the ladder? I think I might have seen F on a tranny site before. Z /Y could be a LB. N is the pro, I'm guessing. I could be wrong as I'm living in celibacy these days. -------------- Rom, lets hope it shall pass. I also hope you have recovered on a personal basis. This year has been a test to all of us. I tried with a lady my age a cou
  5. seven


    Coup de grace.
  6. seven


    At a press meeting today our state epidemiologist in charge was asked when we can go back to normal life, i e life before Covid-19. His answer was: I'm not too sure we will ever come back to that. Quite sobering and bittersweet at the same time. Once again, Thank you , China.
  7. seven


    It really does, I agree.
  8. seven


    Yes, most did. like I said , fighting over masks is a non issue here, we never locked down, we haven’t done better or worse than any country that allows comparison. The lesson is, lockdown or masks are not the solution. The US was hijacked by an insane person and his enablers for 4 years,so it’s not fair to compare, but of course it wouldn’t work there.
  9. seven


    I agree. So its selfishness.
  10. seven


    The fact that we are debating this and see Karen and Kevin in the US on daily basis is my point. We have different opinions regarding the benefits of masks, I think we established that about a year ago. I don't doubt that but thats not the point. Good. Why do we see it in the US then?
  11. seven


    You just proved my point again.
  12. seven


    I disagree and this is exactly what I meant. We don’t have these fights here, private or public places. Chances are that this customer traveled to this private business on a public road. You get my point I’m sure.
  13. seven


    Yeah I saw. Are you signing up? I’m having my 2nd Pfizer soon. I’m dreaming in hebrew and there’s a static sound in my head all the time,so I switched off 5G. No other side effects. Considering switching back to windows from Mac. That fucking Bill Gates
  14. seven


    Problem foreigners. Nevermind the clubscene with HiSo thais. Easier to blame the dirty foreigners. That governor should visit Europe and see how many are wearing masks here. He'd shit himself. Its all political now anyway. Look at the douchebag redneck at 1:53 who, along with his trump fanboys, hijacked the no mask strategy. Its not like this in Europe. I haven't seen one Karen so far. You either wear it or not and respect other peoples decision.
  15. I have countless ladymanmongerfriends who decided its time to eat pussy again and maybe have a child. It usually lasts 6 months or so, I guess its the denial stage in their life, then they're back on the cock with a vengeance like theres no tomorrow. Total sluts. Its very amusing every time it happens.
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