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  1. rxpharm


    This is an interesting report from CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Marketplace about the business of anti-Covid 19 news and products.
  2. rxpharm


    I think I asked you this before, when Sweden asked its citizens to social distance, limit the size of gatherings etc. I believe you stated the majority of them complied. How successful do you think such a strategy would work in the US?
  3. rxpharm


    I think that may be a part of it, but I think there are also other contributing factors. A significant percentage of Americans are individualists. These American focus on self achievement, don't generally like the idea of doing something for the overall good of society if they cannot see some sort of gain for themselves. As a result, they disagree with government initiatives such as universal access to medical care, education, government oversight and regulation of business, etc. In most other countries, the percentage of population that have this kind of attitude is much less, and this I
  4. rxpharm


    Your point is not proven - it is a fact that different countries have different views on things - you wouldn't see disputes over masks in Asian countries either. It is a fact that private business in North America can refuse service to customers that do not follow reasonable conditions - no shirt, no pants no tie, no shoes, no service from a higher end restaurant. Wearing a mask is a reasonable condition to ask from a customer and if they do not comply, the business is well within the law to do this. The business is interested in reducing the risk that their staff don't get sick and/or do
  5. rxpharm


    Here's part 3 of the video series from PolyMatter - very informative and possibly explains US Vice President Kamala Harris' recent comments that future wars will be fought over water.
  6. I speculated that this gender imbalance is going to make China one of the most biggest Asian lb countries in the world. Here are a few example videos that show some of the lb scene in China. Sorry for being off topic! So not just famous for the Wuhan virus!
  7. I would point out that there is a possibility that she is postop - as those going on to International competition (Miss Universe) require that the contestants must be postop (currently). That doesn't discount the fact she is beautiful, ts or not.
  8. This is a good video showing what it is like doing a 10 day Alternate State Quarantine Hotel in Bangkok, Sukhumvit. This was posted by Cappuccino, a Thai lady who was a Qatar Airways flight attendant. She recently left them.
  9. You are missing that Thai ladyboys are the "Thai boys" you don't see. However, they are still outnumbered by the number of ggs in p4p.
  10. If you chose to view the video on Youtube you would have seen this comment by the person who posted the clip: Not exactly a positive view of the story, unless you think he/she meant otherwise. I am not saying it was not fair reporting, I was commenting on the original poster's comment.
  11. Fox(!) News reports fairly about a transgender winning in a regular ladies beauty pageant in Nevada. The person who posted this feels otherwise.
  12. So then, you would prefer no one use masks because some people don't use them correctly. What happened when they brought in helmet laws for motorcycles or seat belt laws for cars in Sweden? Did 100% of people use them correctly in the beginning, or did the authorities persist to educate the public so eventually these key safety items actually saved lives?
  13. There has been a major lack of understanding about mask wearing and reduced transmission of COVID 19 - which is explained well by Dr. John Campbell's video below. He is a retired PhD, nurse educator, former Accident and Emergency Nurse from the UK. The reason why transmission occurs when people are using masks is most likely due to improper use, and if there are sufficient levels of N95 masks, the results would even be better if proper use is followed. Then the issue is, transmission is not due to mask wearing, it is due to improper mask use.
  14. Hopefully both of these beauties will have their birthday wishes come true! Thanks for posting P&G, a trip to Vietnam in the future is a must.
  15. Greatly appreciate your updates on the lb bars Papa Sam, we don't hear enough news about what's going on in Bangkok. However there's another 2 week lockdown ordered on all bars/nightclubs in Bangkok due to the "3rd Covid 19 wave". Hopefully this isn't the knock out blow for Straps and Obsessions.
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