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  1. Catch yourself a big one! And don't forget guys that the 21st is Emmy's birthday. Can't be a party due to the covid insanity so send Emmy a drink. The others too, bad times here, all the kittens have to live on is livestream drinks.
  2. QG is now an enthusiast! albeit a colour-blind one...
  3. i don't think that Quinn has much to fear yet! ciggies burn red QG, not blue.....
  4. it's Emmy's birthday soon too, and mine and Jimmy Cargo's... send all money to me QG...i'll distribute.... but talking of Emmy's in particular, i guess a party will be postponed until bars re-open and the madness stops. Of course... Sara has to still have hers too. long postponed... the way it's going it will be a mass party on teya's birthday late december... don't worry Duke...we'll advertise well in advance!
  5. yeah, but she gives me loads of 7-11 stamps too....
  6. well, QG, Lily has offered many times but i always refuse. She still pays me for sex though. We actually decided after much discussion that we should try to stay well apart for some time. Nothing to do with Coronavid i should say. Basically, we stay apart because Rom knows her, but he doesn't know me. And i worry because i am one of the few that has actually seen him, outside the auspicious environs of the old Katty bar some time back. I made the mistake of mentioning this on LBR, so therefore he is aware of my knowledge. As i can finger him [so to speak] i sometimes worry that he may have organised a hitman to terminate me with extreme prejudice, or even with normal prejudice, So Rom, should you be a-reading this [sorry i slipped into cowpoke language there!] it's time to end this , i'm sick of being in hiding. Should your hitman still be searching for me, when the bars get back to normal, he can find me about 50 yards from beach road on the left hand side of Soi 7. I have white hair and look like David Crosby.
  7. well now...i'm now an explorer too Quinn... but what the fek does it mean? ...explorer??
  8. i'm skint Jimmy! and i ain't got a sponsor......
  9. QG take a deep breath... set ya'sen down... no involuntary ejaculation please.... i heard it may be turned into the local office of the Pattaya Mail! dunno how true it is though...
  10. and don't try sneeking any of yours into here Cowpoke!
  11. most you ever explored is the first 50 metres of soi 7!
  12. and...welcome to Emmy's club BM Jamesbert. Thanks for joining.
  13. wow! Quinn... come later this year we can start eating again.... or sponsor Lily a bit more...
  14. have you grown two more toe's and another head yet?
  15. yes QG..apologies, my comment was perhaps not well written. The one mentioning you and PD. i didn't mean the way you live, i guess many people are living in some seclusion nowadays , including me. what i meant was that i wouldn't want to live with the covid fears you both have. there's a hell of a lot of other things to be concerned about too. if i was the worrying kind [which i'm not] , Covid for is for a couple of reasons the very least of my concerns. If shit happens, it happens. if it don't , great! you just take good care of your hoss, Pard..
  16. yeah...that verifies what Sunny told me recently QG.... little finger she said....
  17. well yes. Same for me P.D... it's now 20 weeks since i've been immobile with this tendon rupture, other than a couple of coffees now and again with you [in the early days before you went into panic mode] and also quinn and soihound, until last weekend when the girlfriend picked me up outside my place and drove me to her house in Bangkok...i've never been out. Not i hasten to say because of fear of corona, but simply because i can't walk. So, the moral of this story is..... if ya don't want to risk covid... rupture your achilles tendon !
  18. quite the most scaremongering post i've seen from you lockdown, closedown, shut down, watch the world starve adherents. it's got me worried PD... i only know about 10 people.... and you're one of them.... grab one of QGs old hazmat suits... better be on the safe side...!
  19. dear god PD and QG.... rather than living like you do, i think i'd rather be dead.
  20. you could well be right Woodie. but my point is that you are comparing 2 different things. One, MMs version, and two, a song that the songwriter never recorded only as a demo for other artists or ocaissonally performed live. They can't be compared as there was nothing to compare with really MM had the hit and deserved it, Dylan never even recorded it.. There were loads of songs from the Big Pink sessions that others recorded and had hits with too. Mighty Quinn was just one. But, don't get the wrong idea.. i liked most of the stuff the Manfred's did, including Mighty Quinn. Manfred Mann's Earth Band later did a great version too. check it out. it's similar to comparing Clint Eastwood with the cowpoke!
  21. not to be picky but if my memory serves me well, Dylan never recorded in a studio 'The mighty Quinn' it was simply recorded with The Band in the basement at Big Pink around 1967. As part of what was intended as demo tracks. it first appeared on 'Great White Wonder' A bootleg. Even when Columbia officially released 'The Basement tapes' some years later... It wasn't on the album. no recorded studio version is available i believe, only the Pig Pink demo which made it to an official Columbia album earlier this century and of course live versions. i could be wrong, forgiveness is asked for if i am, cos i'm getting old and forgetful. Now, where was i? oh yes... so comparing a properly recorded Manfred version with a demo track is not the way to go. i do recall at the Isle of Wight Dylan announced the Mighty Quinn as "a song done by Manfred Mann, a great band a really great band" something like that. anyone interested in the Big Pink stuff... on you tube is a video of Garth Hudson returning to there for a look around. 40 odd years down the road.... anyway, i'm off for a coffee with the mighty Quinn himself...
  22. just hope it's not nose number 5 being planned........
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