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Cheap Pattaya Lodging

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Please consider this contingency planning rather than alarmism.

I'm thinking that if either me or my better half have what even the most minor flu like symptoms that we'd be best not staying under the same roof.  So if one of us were to move out temporarily we'd be looking for a fairly basic room.

Not looking for the cheapest but wouldn't want to pay extra for frills.  For example, most mongers want an in room safety box.  This would not be needed.  Main requirement would be both an AC and fan.

24 hour checkin would be nice.

Any ideas? 

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Last September we were in Patts and looking for a monthly stay room. Some on Jomtien Thepprasit were like 8000b a month, aircon, wifi.

No seaside view ofcourse if you can live with that.


That said objectively I would not stay seperate because there comes a time when you need to take care of each other. Like if one of you is really sick and unconscious.. the other has to call the sawang booriboon to get you to the hospital.

Since this thing seems to spread by respiratory droplets.. you can try covering your mouth and nose with a scarf and if you wear glasses.. that'll cover your eyes.

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