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Thai Words and Phrases


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The proper way to learn Thai is to learn the alphabet and not rely on Western transliteration. In fact some say that using transliteration is not only a waste of time but also actually counterproductive.

However, many of you will not willing to take the time to learn Thai so thought I would start a thread where we can list some useful phrases. In many cases the pronunciation will be wrong, but it's a start.

What do you say when a vendor comes up to you on the beach or in a bar?

Mai ow khrap. Which means I don't want it, thank you. Mai=No, Ow= want, khrap=thank you. Females and ladyboys would use the feminine ka instead of khrahp for thank you.

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4 hours ago, bumblebee said:

Looking forward to hearing this old Thai gem next time I get back.  The missus never says it funnily enough, but as soon as I heard it it triggered memories of good times in general in Los:)


Now that's interesting.  That's the sound I make when I come!

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