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Phnom Penh Accommodation

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*for some reason the forum parser doesn't recognise the dollar sign as a legit character so I had to use USD instead I am just back from a few days in Phnom Penh and personally I didn't find it very

Thanks for the report 360.   I have always guessed that about 90% of guys that visit PP wouldn't really like it. Maybe even a higher percentage of LB lovers than GG lovers. I am one of the 10% and p

As it happened I did capture some of the tumble but I left them out to save her blushes. But now you've mentioned it here are those pics. And for anyone who thinks I just loiter with intent camera in

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A good hotel to consider is Monsoon Boutique Hotel on Street 130 in the heart of the action in the Riverside District. I've stayed there twice within the past two months and overall I was satisfied. Pdoggg suggested I give it a try. It's situated in a very convenient area, within a short walk of most of the bars, good restaurants, and convenience stores.


The Good:

  • Staff speak good enough English, and are quite professional and courteous. I got no pressure for tips and they were very grateful when I did tip.
  • It's very guest friendly. I had no problems. They take guest IDs and call you when they leave.
  • It's safe and secure. There are security cameras everywhere and there are safes in the rooms.
  • Food is decent and room service is very good. The menu is a bit limited though.
  • Rooms are very clean and comfortable. I requested two extra pillows and they were happy to provide them at no charge. Note: the private balcony rooms are a bit smaller than the non-private balcony rooms. I stayed in both the private and non-private balcony rooms and would choose the private balcony room if/when I stay again. But I smoke cancer sticks and want privacy. I didn't stay in the cheaper non-balcony rooms so I can't speak to how good or bad they are. I'd imagine they are very quiet.
  • AirCon worked great in the three different rooms I stayed in.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • Big bathtubs for recreational bathing.
  • Relatively quiet for the location. Noise did not prevent me from sleeping at all and I stayed in the balcony rooms facing Street 130.

The Not So Good:

  • There's no elevator and the stairs are a bit on the steep side. I stayed on both the first and second floors. 
  • Wi-Fi was just so so. It went down for short periods twice during my stay, and was slow at times, but no major problems. It wouldn't prevent me from staying there again.
  • The shower water pressure could be better, but it was certainly good enough to get the job done.
  • Mattresses are a bit on the firm side, but not horribly uncomfortable. I slept well enough. 

Another thing to consider about the Monsoon is that there's a massage parlor attached to the hotel where one can get a GG happy massage. I got one non-happy massage during my stay. Interestingly, when I asked the hotel staff to schedule a Swedish massage for me they asked if I wished to choose the masseuse. I declined the offer but the lady who gave me my massage was a lovely Cambodian woman in her thirties who spoke passable English. She tried to entice me into a happy massage by tactfully brushing her hands against my willie (covered with only a towel) when she was massaging my inner thighs. She also told me a few times she thought I was handsome man. The Swedish massage was so so. I'd give it a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. The price was $10 for 60 minutes.


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