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  1. Hi friends, there are no info about Jakarta. What are the areas where LBs are? Is it dangerous to bring them to my apartment in Jakata?
  2. Already I've read about prices but I'd like to know if the prices are equal in every distrits or bar in Bangkok.
  3. Thanks for your pleasant replies. Now I'd like to know prices prices of both: drinks and LBs at bars on Nana Plaza and other bars on other places.
  4. Hi, in your opinion what are the best places to meet LBs in Bangkok. I above all mean streets or distrits of Bangkok and also bars. I inform you I'm teetotaler and I don't really like bars.
  5. I came across these photos on Internet. Do you think they are not cambodian LBs?
  6. Some beauty cambodian ladyboys
  7. It isn't a problem for me if the town is ugly and dirty. Every good hunter must sacrifice oneself to get a good prey. ;) ;) ;)
  8. Ok, I thank you, but I like to understand better. Why on the Riverside area and not on 136 street? If you're recommending Riverside area again, in which section of the street are there many bars precisely? Thanks, again one.
  9. I know Jakarta (Indonesia) and some other countries in Asia. In my opinion Jakarta is the best town. I love Jakarta but nor for LBs only (not many) but for hunting as LBs as girls. You have to hunt if you like mongering!! I hate Pattaya. Do you think Phnom Penh is more like Jakarta or like Pattaya?
  10. Hi friends, if you know Phnom Penh can you tell me if it is easy and convenient to find a furnished apartment for 2 weeks? I like walking and I like to find a hotel or apartment in the action or very near the action (mongering area). What is the best area to stay in Phnom Penh? Thanks
  11. Hello friends, I'd like to know your thoughts about cambodian or thai LBs. May be on cambodian forum I will get many favourable sentences about cambodian LBs. If I were to post the same question on thai forum I will get diffent sentences. Therefore, if you know both countries, what is your thoughts? I'd like to know about: beauty sexual behavior cheerfulness and friendly about dangerousness meeting (robbery) thanks
  12. Seeing the pics I can tell you filipinas girls are more beautiful and hot that thai girls. But if I will see them in person, I don't know. ;) Then, as I have not any experience about Manila, is it important that there is a porter in the building where I will have the apartment?
  13. Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me how many philippine LBs can penetrate? When I was in Tailandia almost every LB could penetrare with his dick.
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