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Winterjourney 2012/2013 XXIII a walk on the wild side 2

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Winterjourney 2012 / 2013 XXII

Tacloban day 2

Khena had changed from our double bed room to the living room and slept there.In the second bed lay Divine and Sonya and on my side I had Isabel with a sturdy morning boner.My attempt to fuck her discrete in side position failed, but she lubed my cock and took a seat on me.Today it was already a lot easier as the day before but still hard enough .She took a ride on me while she wanked her cock and jerked her cum on my belly.But as the whole further procedure was too strenuous for me I let her get down and finish my well creamed cock by hand.
Then I slept another hour while the girls watched some rubbish on TV in the living room.
Around nine I was more or less well rested and the sun was shining outside.I needed urgently a few pics I could show at home ,of which I did not have too many so far, so we went to the beach.We had breakfast at the Oriental direct on the water front,the girls probably never had such an luxury breakfast before and we were the sensation of the morning. When we went down to the beach and I wanted to make the first harmless pics I realized that I had forgotten my camera in my room and I was so sure that I had taken it with me. Shit happens ! So back with the taxi to the hotel, there I left all my four goldfishes as I wanted to enjoy for a few hours sand and sea and the Filipinos , like all the other Asians, dont like sunshine, they want to be all white, while we stupid western foreigners want to be dark.Divine had to go to her salon anyway and the others just wanted to sleep in the well chilled hotel room, certainly much more comfortable as their homes and much cooler too.
When around 3 pm the first clouds came up I called the taxidriver and let him bring me back.On the way a photostop at the famous bronze sculptures showíng general Mc Arthur and his entourage entering first time Philippine ground in the year 1944, that was the turnaround in World War II in the Pacific and from there on for the Japanese it went only back untilt he bitter end of Hiroshima and Nagasaki:'
For me it was much more peaceful , the girls had gone home in the meantime,only Khena was waiting in my room. She did not want to loose the chance of sucking my cock and swallowing my cum, what she had announced repeatedly in our correspondence.When she was just in her best sucking Isabel and Sonya returned and they started without any delay to support Khena in her efforts starting with hands an tongues to polish my crown juwels.That was soon crowned with success and Khena got a full mouth and indeed she did not leave any drop behind.
In the evening I wanted to repeat our dinner at the Ocho Seafoodgrill, the food was again excellent only the wine service was lousy.After I had finally found an absolute drinkable Sauvignon the first bottle arrived when we had already finished our meal, a second cooled bottle was not available anymore though the display case was full of it. As far as wine culture is concerned there is still a lot of catching up to do, the same as in most of the Asian countries.
The girls were slightly illuminated and went on drinking in the room what removed all eventual inhibitions, if there were any at all, and it became a wild farwell party.
My cock went from the soup bowl to the coctail glass, always carefully sucked off on the way, Divine wanted to fuck me by all means but failed due to a lack of hardness, but I got a full mouth- and facewash instead,Sonya the little (femboy) sucked all of me she could reach and finished herself by hand and Isabel was lying on my side with her tongue deep in my throat. Under such conditions they really succeeded to let me come a third time this day, a real remarkable performance.
We slept three of us in my bed, Isabel had invited the little boy to join us, I had a little feeling that she gets sometimes intimate with him too.
Khena and Divine shared the other bed and were soon gone.


Still not knowing how to put individual text to the pics :search: 






























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To put text between photos Ernesto here is what you do.  After you have uploaded your photos, you can then 

Click Add to Post on the right hand side.

The name of the photo will appear in the text box.

Type what you want above that name.

Then Add the next photo and do the same.

or alternatively

Just Add all the photos to the text box and type your text in between each one.

Hope that makes sense.


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