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  1. Special request to Admin ! on request of Emily who seemed (again) to have found the love of her lifetime who wants to marry her ( at least she believes) please remove all pics in my report Winterjourney 2012/2013 I, II and III otherwise I might be held responsible for disturbing her great love and luck Thanks Ernesto
  2. # 26 is YAYA , last time I saw her in Pooks but not on 6 th.
  3. Thanks friends for your good wishes,I have to be on the slow side for a while ! Tomcat ! the babe looks really great ! Should be worthwile a try ! Thanks Ernesto
  4. Luck isn´t on my side I had planned to Istambul my trip so carefully but it should not be ! At least not for the time beeing. Falling off my bicycle I broke my pubic bone ! That´s a rather painful matter and after 9 days in hospital I have to use clutches for another 6 weeks ! So no travelling, even fucking is rather cumbersome. With a heavy heart I had to cancel my trip having still some hope I can do it in autumn ( summer with the heat and tons of touries is not the ideal time) but maybe these days walking on Taksim Square is not the best idea either. So friends I am sorry no pics, no r
  5. Yuzirneym ! Do you have any experience with "No name Bar" or "Sahra Bar " ? They are described on internet as shemale bars ?
  6. Thanks Yuzineym for your advice !Will try to follow it !
  7. Turkey getting cheaper ? On page one of this thread 100 TL have been converted into 50 Euro, todays exchange rate is 2,95 TL for one Euro, if the going rate of 100 TL is still valid it should be only 33 Euro per shot, that comes already down to Bangkok or Phuket prices ( 1500 Bhat ST)if prices in Istambul have not gone up last two years . Hopefully I am right ! lol
  8. Istambul I come ! I am booked to Istambul June 5 - 8 ( 3 nights) I will stay in a gay friendly hotel on Taksim square , so not to far where the action is (supposed to be). I have gone through all the escort websites , there you can find phantastic looking shemales ( the question is if their pics are real ??),but at ridiculous prices, read all accessible reports, including the valuable one here and hope to be well prepared for a few nice turkish shemales , or what ever you call them. What I found out that the attitude of turkish men against shemales seems to be a lot like the behaviour of
  9. As I cannot go to Asia for the time beeing I am planning a trip to Istambul in May to use a few of my bonus miles, but now way to pay such crazy prices. Does anyyone have experience in Istambul ( street action,Zurafa , Kadem, Taksim etc., shemale brothels or bars ( Sahara ,No name club etc) ?? Any information heartly appreciated, thanks !
  10. Phnom Penh day 2 I slept ten hours,finally my cough started to ease and allowed me a fairly undisturbed sleep. As I had not eaten much the last day I felt accordingly hungry,the restaurants on the Quai were all offering more or less the same food and there was no difference in price either. After a strenghening american breakfast I returned to my room, today was writers day, it was really time to put down my memories of the last days before the Wodka deleted them again from my harddisk .Then I wanted to go to the Walkabout but my TukTuk driver was busy what will cost him his three days job. A
  11. the Blue mountain is a small steep and dusty road leading from the central road uphill (it leaves from the right side when you go direction Victory hill)
  12. Cambodia January 2011 From Chau Doc to Phnom Penh In the morning there was quite a hustle in the lobby, in the night another tourist group had arrived and they all wanted now ,just like me, to travel by boat to Phnom Penh.The majority were Americans, sixty plus, but also a larger group of Italians, their ladies smoked one cigarette after the other, they used the opportunity as here they were still allowed, opposite to their home countries where smoking is banned nearly everywhere.There were also two longlegged unaccompanied Russians in their early fourties. Ten or fifteen years ago I would
  13. Real greatstory , made me laughing loud. I have been in Januray 2011 at the same hotel where you have been kicked out, see photo. I had also joiners there ( Gg and ladyboys) but they were obviously more decent and unfortunately not that good looking like yours .I was probably in the wrong bars !Will send my Cabodia report ,unfortunately not that funny as yours Cheers Pics showing ladyboys from Victory Hill the last 4 pics GGs ,whereby the last two pics show a very young girl from the "Blue Mountain " chicken farms.
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