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Are You A Size Queen?



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  1. 1. Are You A Size Queen?

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not bent down from years of being tucked between the legs.

In that pic it actually looks like an upward bend. Are you sure that's not one of your photography tricks as when you flatten out the horizon? B)

On a more serious note, shape matters!

Everyone talks about Alis' big fat cock but I thought the shape was exquisite. I'd be talking to her in the ole Club 131 and all of a sudden her cock would be in my palm. :D

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I tend to agree with the comments as regards shape .

All those years of tucking the mutton cudgel down the pants sure produces some strange shapes and angles .

I have seen ..... one well endowed LB who's erection pointed downwards instead of up .

Many curving right or left and one in BKK that turned a bend and resembled an allen key :unsure:

It comes as a pleasant surprise to find a normal one :rolleyes:

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Ali's had her Cock rested on my knee whilst I was sat down one night in the Club131 bar

When I glanced down and saw it my intial reaction was "fuck me" :o

One of my biggest regrets is that she never did :(

Franck had said he'd arranged a threesome of me, Ali's and Pond on my arrival back in May 2007 but when I turned up he passed S (Carrot) on to me :wacko:

He told me that Ali's b/f was in town but I didnt see him :huh: and I just think he had palmed S off from him to me :angry:

I still think what might have been :rolleyes:

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