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LB Event Of The Year - October 27th 2012

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Look at the new Avatar......


There has been much discussion with the bars, and a number of other 'advisors', during  December and January.

A lot of comments and feedback which all had to be considered.


We had 13 Bars show interest and fielding 10 teams was considered but discarded as too many matches and the strain on admin, and logistics, was deemed too great. So we will have 8 teams. A formula we know works.


The date and participants, and a myriad of other items, all need to be finalized.

Nearly there but no point going off 'Half Cocked'.....


A major initiative will be to have the Bars collect Sponsorships, Donations and sell Tickets. This consumed too much of my time.

We are also looking to obtain more Corporate type sponsors but it IS LadyBoys and prejudice still exists in a niche market.

Meetings with Pattaya Mail, Tiffany, Colosseum have all taken place. More to progress.


Some bars have visited (or are about to) the Charities who benefited so that they could see, first hand, how we help the community through the event.

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