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  1. No. It's 1790 upfront for the entire year. It requires getting a new phone number though.
  2. At 1:45 in the above video you can see Lita's on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2).
  3. So far have had only good experiences with Bolt but the baht bus is still my preferred mode of transport. I haven't figured out how to store more than two locations yet. I have my Home location stored and stored Emmy Bar with the Work label but would like to store more frequently used locations. Maybe there is a way' maybe not. Btw, Emmy's is listed as Emmy's Ladyboy Bar. Saw a price list at a Soi Diana mototaxi stand and the Bolt prices for a car are cheaper than the mototaxi bike prices. If you have ever used Grab, I'd suggest that you download Bolt from the Play Store or Apple
  4. If you are willing to change your number and live in Thailand,AIS has a pretty good internet SIM card. They have a few Marathon Sims. On particularly good one is for 1790 baht you have 100 GB per month of internet at a download speed of 10 Mbs. If interested, I'd suggest going to an official AIS store such as the one in Central as opposed to the counter in Tuk Com. There are many deals so it's confusing such as one for the same price for yearly internet where you don't change your number but at a download speed of only 1MBs. AIS seems to have an issue with there Balance Transfer
  5. The above video is made by the former manager of X Zone, Windmill, Baby Dolls, and Secrets. At X Zone, a ladyboy friend fisted a GG; she said it was the first time she was inside a pussy. Last time I was in Windmill, a lady filled my mates almost empty beer mug up to the top with pee.
  6. Clubs are a joint venture between certain trusted members and the LBR Administration. Our newest Club is Duke's Vloggers a carefully curated selection of Videos mostly about Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. You can all see the videos but to comment you need to join. Acceptance is automatic. So I would suggest that you join now so that you're all set up. On most browsers the Join button is on the right side near the top. http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/forum/206-thailand-vlogs/ Some say TJ's Music Bar is the best ladyboy bar on the Planet Earth alth
  7. The Top 10 Bar list (criteria is how busy the bar is)is interesting. #10 Retox on Soi Honey is where I watched the Super Bowl and #9 Robin Hood is where I voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democrats Abroad Primary. They mentioned my pet peeve as the #3 bar changing from 2 for 1 pricing to a flat price of 55 baht a beer. #1 Zero has 40 baht beer all day all night. Unsurprisingly many expats are price conscious.
  8. I'll go with #6 also.
  9. Called into Delirious tonight. Love Soi Chaiyapoon! Great music too, this is what was playing when I walked in.
  10. Called into New Bar. Seems that they took over the bar next door or at least half the bar next door, not sure. A friendly joint for sure. Here's the decor of the new bar, not sure if LB or GG.
  11. Called into Sweethearts to catch their online show live and in person. Premier talent and a fun show. Worth catching either live or online!
  12. Pdoggg


    Thailand receives a group of tourists from China, the first such arrivals since a ban on commercial flights was imposed in April to combat the coronavirus pandemic, even as street demonstrations escalate. Thirty-nine tourists from Shanghai arrived at the country's main Suvarnabhumi Airport, the airport's deputy director, Kittipong Kittikachorn, said in a statement.
  13. So nice to be back...miissed you all...now i am back.

    1. Pdoggg


      Glad you're back Panic!   :biggrin:

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