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  1. Pdoggg

    Anal Swabs

    In China’s northern regions -- where more than 1,700 cases have emerged -- some are being subjected to anal swabs with little warning. The method involves the insertion of a saline-soaked cotton swab about two-to-three centimeters into the anus, with the sample then tested for active traces of the Covid virus.
  2. Pdoggg


    Do you prefer black panties or white panties?
  3. Cub reporter BBG in his hopes to be a Daily Mail stringer did an expose which posits that Teya is the world's Sexiest Street Sweep. However there is a Brazilian that provides stiff competition. Unlike Teya, Rita from Rio may not have won a Romscar but she has been featured in the highly respected World Streetsweeper website. Forget Annabelle. Perhaps we should fly Rita in for those who fancy a tasty carpet munch. https://www.worldsweeper.com/Noteworthy/SexyBrazilianSweeper8.15.html Teya ~ Jomtien Rita~ Rio Btw, tonight's live stream kicks off approx 9PM Thai
  4. At 0.56 of the above video, Nick says, "Soi 6/1. Some of you will know that one." Guess he knows that some Sodomites are watching his videos.
  5. In the above video they Bolt from their condo (near the Hideaway) to the Naklua Seaford Market which is quite a way past TJ's. Just 100 baht.
  6. President Joe Biden repealed the ban on transgender troops serving in the military on Monday, rolling back an order from former President Donald Trump.
  7. I wish it was snowing in Jomtien now!
  8. Drunk driver damages ladyboy's car in Jomtien:
  9. The Live Stream has begun. You can see it on LBR using this link: http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/9081-emmys-bar-soi-3/&do=findComment&comment=201857
  10. Kull Sports Bar on the Darkside was busted on Thursday for breaching Covid restrictions. Customers and staff were arrested. https://www.kullapartments.com/
  11. The petite Irish Lassie hit the big time the USA!
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