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  1. yes there is a concert tonight on 3rd rd past klang my friend just sent me a pic of trucks moving on there today, as for the old excite venue i doubt there will be anymore there as there is lots of building work happening
  2. nookie is up for everything https://fr.xvideos.com/video32751909/ladyboy_nookkei_pounds_un_chatte
  3. it was at the old site and a wet night but they carried on regardless, the soi excite site is having a lot of work done I did hear its a market area being done there so I guess future concerts will be held at the site near Hollywood disco.
  4. this looks very much like apple
  5. 69 bar hasnow doubled in size they got the tattoo shop next door and extended it,imo 69 is a far better bar
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