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    lol really LB of Thailand, cooking, fitness, and thai food

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  1. neogzim24

    Check in Bar, soi 7, sukhumvit

    More coming mate. Hold on
  2. neogzim24

    Check in Bar, soi 7, sukhumvit

    Just some old CIB pics to help out cheers
  3. neogzim24

    To Sleep Alone or Not.

    Tiara was great to wake up too! Neo
  4. neogzim24

    Your fave LB(s) and why?

    I have had my fair share of good bad and great experiences, but one standout Gem would be Tiara of Cambodia. Not everyone's types as she is taller and has realistic female curves. I would say more Brazillian than anything else.
  5. neogzim24

    Darkside Bar, Soi 33, BKK

    Thanks Fog. I was hoping that she was still there. I had a great plan but looks like it might not happen now. Cheers
  6. neogzim24

    Darkside Bar, Soi 33, BKK

    Is Ink still around? Neo
  7. neogzim24

    Bar Fines & Exchange Rates

    Once again DC comes thru with a clutch homerun. I know the bar have to have a secondary income, but I never really got the full concept of the double charge. Like at Pooks, it really kills me as I would go there more if all the cost wasn't included. Neo
  8. neogzim24


    BB, from everything that i'm reading Pattaya is the new Bkk. (regarding the Ladyboy scene). Its seems like the major focus for Bkk lovers are the more fem and truly lady-like lbs and patts is more for the to mongers. Personally, I think Patts has more ofter in both depts. I did at one time think to make Bkk my base and then travel down to patts, but now I try to stay away from Bkk as much as possible. Don't ge me wrong, I do love the scenery in Bkk, but with Guess on the decline and prices in bkk increasing, patts wins by default. I will add more shortly............ Neo24
  9. neogzim24

    Songkran 2012-2013

    Thanks, cheers Neo
  10. neogzim24

    Darkside Bar, Soi 33, BKK

    All I can say (from a distance) is that this place looks Grade A! Neo
  11. neogzim24

    Guess Bar Update

    For my sake, I really hope Moo will be around somewhere in Bkk on the 9th, as she is one of the only reason as to why im not going straight to patts!! Neo
  12. neogzim24

    Songkran 2012-2013

    This is the lass Snick
  13. neogzim24

    Songkran 2012-2013

    Snick, the first pic in #19. Who is the girl on the far left in the leparde top and red shorts? Neo
  14. neogzim24

    Suggestions on rooms close to Sensations bar?

    thats the 15May12 date mate. lol the new update is 1090.00 crazy I know. Neo
  15. neogzim24

    Darkside Bar, Soi 33, BKK

    When I get into Bkk I will stop by! Neo