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  1. At least we have a few pics of Jen now. Thanks to Kendo.
  2. Can someone help me out here? I was yesterday in Soi 5 at Welcome Nice place, previously the new Sally bar. Sally seems to be definitly out of the picture. There were four LB's. Three of them I know from previous visits. However, Jen (or Jane) I had not seen there before. But she somehow looked familiar to me. Unfortunatly, I have no picture. Neither can I find her on Line or Facebook. I asked her Line Id but she did not want to give it to me. Maybe she got a little paranoid. Our initial conversation went like this: (me): Is your name Jen? (she); (surprised) Yes, How did you know? (me): I heard Montri calling your name. Where are you from? (she): Isaan (me): Buriram? (she): How, did you know? (me): Lucky guess. You have dark skin. How old are you? (she): What do you think? (me); 26 (she): How did you know? and a little later she mentioned, she liked dancing a lot. I asked 'Marine Disco' and she freaked out. Further questions about where she worked before, remained unanswered. She is very good looking. Can't sit for 5 mins on the same seat, pretty wild, funny, does not use a smart phone (a distinct feature for LB's), has big boobs and a big ass. She has a big mouth (literally) and fleshy lips (she kissed me a few times to provoke me). She does not drink alcohol and I did not see her smoke. I do like her. Anyone knows her?
  3. I asked a LB friend who works in a mixed bar why she does not move to a all LB-bar. She told me she gets 12000 baht/month, plus 100 bht for a barfine and 10 bht for a LD. She has up to 200 LD's per month and 15-20 BF, which makes a handsome 15000 a month. That explained it.
  4. I think she started to work in soi 16 late 2005. I first barfined her in Januari 2006 and took het for dinner. When I asked her about her age recently, it occured to me that she must have lied about her age then.
  5. Poo Pen restaurant, at the south end of Jomtien beach Road has about 30 LB's on staff. Many are young and highy passable. I was served by this cutie below. There is a giant crab before the restaurant. So hard to miss that.
  6. Some pictures of the Christmas party.
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