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  1. In fairness he's scared shitless of heights. I don't comfortable either in those escalators in Central. One false move by a scorned ladyman its a free fall of 4-5 floors and you're ground beef. I wouldn't go near that mall in your pics. I don't understand why he thinks we enjoy the malls though.
  2. Yes, I might have been with you that night, met Dave for the first time ,along with another BM who's MIA these days. We used to sit through that show many nights , early 2012. An incident happened which is one of the funniest ever, involved a poorly lit pool behind the stage. We were walking behind the stage area for some reason, heard a thai guy screaming CAREFUUUUL , then a huge splash. My then GF couldn't stop laughing as it was just the thai type of humour. Luckily said BM was a good sport about it.
  3. Crap. I liked that place too. Will likely be another money laundering mens club. The gentrification goes on. This Soi is one of the last of its kind or at least used to be. Haven’t been in over 2 years.
  4. I stuck with him and that video where hes having go at the punchbag is pretty cool. He's in damn good shape at 55. Can't say I'm in a rush to Malaysia yet :) Cued the video up here:
  5. Understandably he waited posting this video. A dutch guy doing the 'charity' for Phuket Zoo. Hopefully he will be exposed. 'Any guys running charities are the dodgiest people on the planet'. Word. Fucking crooks the lot of them , Rotary probably the worst kind
  6. seven


    Very good article, thanks soiboy. So what does it all boil down to? You’ve guess it.
  7. seven


    Update on Lee. I found her by luck on TF, taked to her on Line. She a student in Bkk, digital marketing (what else), excellent english. Just my type but not the most exciting person to be honest. Was 'absolutely not freelancing', got the impression every word that came out of her was a lie. What else is new. Turned 20 in June. Saving her contact info for my upcoming trip. She's 178cm, likes sunbathing! Yikes. Decided not to tell her I've seen her cornhole spread all over the www.
  8. seven


    Oh dear. Guess what this is, QG? Looks like pimples, but it isn’t. High fever and severe body pain are symptoms. Started vaccination already on a very small scale in a certain risk group. Health authorities say it’s only a matter of time. Vaccination started on a larger scale in Barcelona and Amsterdam already. No mention of the risk group yet , but let’s just say don’t push back!! This swede got it in NY recently.
  9. seven


    Dear god.... Not from Twitter but a LB pornsite. Long distance information , give me Bangkok , Thailand. Lee is only 19, information please.
  10. Oh dear, I have been trying to get this image off my mind for the last 2 decades. Fucking disturbing shit. Thanks, Sith Great , great movie. You guys need to stop pandering postie or not, Big Jasmine is apparently back on thai soil soon, she's not cutting that moneymaker off any time soon. Praise Buddha.
  11. I disagree. So when an American tourist visits Stockholm he should pay more than a swede since they make more? Are you a capitalist?
  12. Food for thoughts. This double pricing is getting really old. Bangkok Pat is so good. Farang social media. Born again farang mobs who defend double pricing to the death. They will come out with intelligent comments like: 'Well if you don't like it, you know where the airport is. They get a kick out of saying this, everytime they can say this , they mark it off in a calendar.
  13. seven

    Why Not Bangkok

    No 1 is Pokky.
  14. Hear hear Hell no. One of the best posters ever that participated on the ladyman boards.
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