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  1. According to her fb she is at home at the moment. ( or was last weekend)
  2. What quit...............Ok go back to your day job and see what you prefer......... Now quit wingeing and post some photo's...........LOL Hope all is good big man.
  3. Well here is a photo of the lady with myself when in London last year. (photo coutsey of Kendo) ............and no I didn't
  4. There is a liberal sprinkling of our lot in this area........where the band play 4/5 bars up in the open complex there are 2-3 who my recent company introduced me to and also Central bar opposite Flipper Lodge there is 5-6
  5. Yep I was with her (again )....got her in tow (same same last night Senastion party)............ at the moment.....she even brought ME dinner.!!!! A first for a LB
  6. Dam BB........I'm unexpectably back in town and was in PBG at 9.30....didnt see you but it was busy.
  7. As reported....had probs with IE over the last couple of days.....but now seems to be fixed.....Thanks
  8. Yes ......thanks for everybody at Famous.....it was great couple of nights and especially the Aussie invassion on Friday night....... Also thanks again Bruce for some good nights company and even letting me taking your ''former wife'' for my last couple of hours in fun town. BTW......after Cherry and I were ''cleaning up after activities '' our other Laos favouite of the week in Annaconda text me 3 times to come back down to bar to say goodbye even though she see me go to room with ''ladyboy with big hair and silicon !!''..........and to bring her to bar with me. ''I going to miss you too mutt''
  9. Feck me Mardhi, been home less than 24hrs and you have to post pic's of of my new '' wife in another life'' (Jane).......LOL..... Oh well have to console my self with the ones I took of her on Ko larn (sigh) Nothing like rubbing it in.
  10. Hope you (Ciobha) had a good'n mate. It sure looked like a good night was had by everyone and will stand you a beer or or 2 next time our paths cross.....(hopefully early next year?) Thanks for the photo's BB NB. That La Bum-bar line up looks real good at the moment.
  11. Well thanks for the insight, well written, and echo Coxy post above. Although we know, the internet has been going a few more years than this it is interesting how it is only in recent years how this scene has really taken off....Is it awareness, or......
  12. I tried for the first time last week. Hopefully a TR coming up. It was OK, but so far, far better experieces with an intense 1-2-1. Will give it another go as it was real late 05.15am and I dont think one of them was really up for it when the time came.
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