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  1. Oh crap .... there goes the nieghbour hood. Is nothing a secret here??? none the less thats why i like the out skirts of patts.
  2. I would like to add La babamba Although no one want's to mentiont the bar....to me it doesn't matter who's behind the scene but i have always felt great and welcomed. I understand the question is about bars owned buy expats, but we should not forget sally's ( in the hay days ). So what, which is also there and humming... they also deserve to be aknowleged. Hats off to Jimbo, who i had only met when he's on trips to BKK or Patts. I have read here and other forums about his establishment and wish him all the best. IMHO all bars are great and have their moments when one enjoys the hospiltaity of host and the hostesses..... thats my bit.
  3. Hi to Everyone wish you all a Happy Xmas and a very Happy New year...... Enjoy.
  4. Hi Guys it's been a while. OK as you you walk up rompho on the left hand side half way up there's a little mom and pop mart and just after it is a LT/ST place prices are between bht300-500 depending on what you want i.e A/C or fan, just after it there is a bungalow motel check it out i haven't. The other places close by would be soi7 across from rompho towards the beach. They go for bht 500-700 a day so check it out since i haven't been in them. Soi 4 motels aren't cheep AND AVOIDE SOI 3-2 unless the place has a big Hotel sign, to mnay people living in lala land on those soi's !!! When in JOM complex and you find something that tickels your fanncy and you need a place then you exsit towards the beach enter the soi where country roads bar is (same side as complex) there are a couple of motels in there. Enjoy and hope this is usefull cheers.
  5. sexy69

    Lita Bar

    HI all, The lady dressed same as Lita is her sister. Very sweet. she also owns a restaurant on pratumnak, food is great and she does the cattering for lita's parties.
  6. Hi, I was there for 2 months and left around mid August. As posted above Rompho has a few bars and Lb's are floating around them as they keep changing and some are permanant. Also try soi white house there are the odd few, i mistook one for a GG !!! Later in the evening around 10ish you'll see a few hanging around 7-11( or working in them) at the beach end of soi 5 and 7 mostly non thai. If your a night awol then you'll see the ones coming back from pats after the bars have closed. The Lb's also work in resaurants around jom even in the top hotels like the D"seree and the lot, Good luck guys and enjoy.
  7. sexy69

    Lita Bar

    Now that's the spirit. Bloody hell what a line up... one for everyday of the week and then some. Great job Lita.
  8. sexy69

    Lita Bar

    REALLY..... Thats how it is, I was going to buy you 2 beers NOW you get one
  9. sexy69

    Lita Bar

    Wait for meeeee !!! :party0011: was supposed to be on a flight yesterday, but I GOT THE CALL :mad0235: Back to the office. crap! See you guys in a week.
  10. I found this nice place. http://www.salilhotel.com/sukhumvit/ I have seen the place and it was nice. very quite area @ towards the end of the soi.
  11. I was looking to book a room and came across this nice surprise http://www.altnana.com/index.php Looks nice I'll check it out in a weeks time.
  12. By all means there are a few venues and if ur lucky you'll sample the Dark side of jom . Such as lb's that finished short time, as well as the FL that are like bats and of coarse the ones that didn't find the hansum man in pats lol . I have beem lucky so no complaints from me. Although i do go to bed @ the crack of dawn, Sometimes.
  13. I thouhgt husseling only happens infront of fantasy bar but then again why judge!!!
  14. WOW now i really have a reason to go for a walk and strech my leggs, man they are hot.
  15. OK heads up as this has been mentioned before. When and if you go to jom mid day (then after the beach if it's your thing!?) go to soi soi 6 thats a sure bet for lb's @ the massage houses. Lots of lb's live on thappasit road as well (that's the the traffice light turn left before the the statue traffic light) other wise just go to jom arond 9'sh to rompho. BUT there are other soi's and bars to look around so good luck. PS. IT'S NOT PATS SO ENJOY IT IN AN EASY GOING WAY!!! s69
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