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  1. I created a new account using a different email address and with Chrome browser got access to Thai Friendly. Do not know why I was originally blocked but don't really care now. Thanks Pdoggg for your help!
  2. Thank you for your reply and link but I get the same verify account SMS code box after clicking on your link. Any other ideas out there?
  3. I have enjoyed using ThaiFriendly several times (with free profile) prior to my trips to LOS but it seems that I am locked out of this sight right now. It says that my account has been temporarily suspended because it needs further verification. There is a green check mark stating my email is confirmed but they are looking for a Confirmed SMS code (I don't know what this is) or upgrade to a Premium membership. I would like to continue my free profile to view the new talent as a guide prior to my trip but also enjoy one-on-one approach going from bar to bar. Either way seems to work for me. Can anyone decipher what a Confirmed SMS code is and where to get one?
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